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Here is a list of the memes/challenges/events I take/took part in and my own features. If you're curious about Offbeat YA's history, check them out...or (in case of ongoing memes/features), if you like what you read, jump in yourself!

DISCUSSION POSTS (single posts in chronological order):

ORIGINAL FEATURES (single posts in chronological order):

A READER'S QUIRKS (extremely random)

REVIEW MORSELS (extremely random)

   (The Walls Around Us / The Dead House / Dark Passages duology)
   (Nine Candles of Deepest Black / Singing the Dogstar Blues / This Side Of Salvation)
   (More Than This / The Waking Dark / The Outs)
   (Girls in the Moon / Every Heart a Doorway / For What It's Worth)
   (Deadgirl: Goneward / Glory O'Brien's History of the Future / The Creeper Man)
   (Where Futures End / Imaginary Girls / Still Life with Tornado)
   (Down Among the Sticks and Bones / When We Wake / The In-Between)
   (Challenger Deep / While We Run / 17 & Gone)
   (Shallow Graves / The Midnight Dress / I Crawl Through It)
RM 10: Ilsa J. Bick, Han Nolan, J.R. Rain et al. (09/09/18)
   (Draw the Dark / Dancing on the Edge / Chronology)
RM 11: Nova Ren Suma, Seanan McGuire, Parker Peevyhouse (03/04/19)
   (A Room Away from the Wolves / Sparrow Hill Road / The Echo Room)
RM 12: Lauren Karcz, Rin Chupeco, Amelinda Bérubé (05/01/19)
   (The Gallery of Unfinished Girls / The Girl from the Well / The Dark Beneath the Ice)
RM 13: Seanan McGuire, Matthew Green, T.E. Carter (07/02/19)
   (Beneath the Sugar Sky / Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend / I Stop Somewhere)
RM 14: Rin Chupeco, Charles Yu, 'Nathan Burgoine (09/04/19)
   (The Suffering / How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe / Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks)
RM 15: Seanan McGuire, Naomi Hughes, M.E. Kerr (11/07/19)
   (The Girl in the Green Silk Gown / Afterimage / Deliver Us from Evie)
RM 16: Ryan La Sala, Parker Peevyhouse, Rob Rufus (11/10/19)
   (Reverie / Strange Exit / The Vinyl Underground)
RM 17: The Seanan McGuire Edition (03/25/20)
   (In an Absent Dream / Come Tumbling Down / Middlegame)
RM 18: Sean Ferrell, Nathalie Lund, Andrea Contos (06/24/20)
   (Man in the Empty Suit We Speak in Storms / Throwaway Girls)
   (Salvation Day / Dig / Kaleidoscope Song)
   (Before I Disappear / What We Buried / Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day)
   (Dead Space / One Day All This Will Be Yours / The Apocalypse Seven)
   (The Life and Death of Frankie D. The Memory Trees / Rainbow in the Dark)
   (Across the Green Grass Fields / Over the Woodward Wall / Into the Drowning Deep)
   (And All the Stars / Tigers, Not Daughters / Burn Our Bodies Down)
   (Dead in Time, Mayday, The Girl with All the Gifts)
   (Unexpected Places to Fall From, Unexpected Places to Land / Human Tales / Camp Carnage)
RM 27: Krystal Sutherland, Rebecca Mahoney, April Genevieve Tucholke et al. (11/25/21)
   (House of Hollow / The Valley and the Flood / Slasher Girls & Monster Boys)
   (Rolling in the Deep / Final Girls / Kingdom of Needle and Bone / In the Shadow of Spindrift
   (Where the Drowned Girls Go / Along the Saltwise Sea / Square³)
   (The RevelryAshes trilogy / Alien: Echo)
   (Someone in Time: Tales of Time-Crossed Romance Laughter at the Academy Switch)
   (Classic Monsters Unleashed / Temporally Out of Order / A Short Stay in Hell)
   (August Kitko and the Mechas from Space / Dead Silence / Fade Out)
   (Velveteen vs. The Junior Super Patriots / Velveteen vs. the Multiverse / Velveteen vs. The
   (The Getaway / Picture Unavailable / Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You)
   (The Sacrifice / Into the Sublime / The Paradox Hotel)
   (Seeds for the Swarm / Freaks Like Us / Boneyard)
   (Discount Armageddon / Midnight Blue-Light Special / Half-Off Ragnarok / Pocket Apocalypse)
   (Nothing but the Rain / And Put Away Childish Things / The Dead and the Dark)
   (Tell Me What Really Happened / We Don't Swim Here / Infinity Gate)
   (Chaos Choreography / Magic for Nothing / Tricks for Free / That Ain't Witchcraft)
   (This Is the Way the World Ends / Bone Gap / What Moves the Dead)
   (The Dark Place / The Girls from Hush Cabin / Lost in the Moment and Found)
   (Into the Windwracked Wilds / The Narrow / Smoke and Key)
   (Mislaid in Parts Half-Known / Under the Smokestrewn Sky / Unbreakable)
   (The Forest Demands Its Due / Lucid / Walking to Aldebaran)
   (Imaginary Numbers / Calculated Risks / Spelunking Through Hell / Backpacking Through Bedlam)
   (Aftermarket Afterlife / Three Eight One / Vangie's Ghosts)
   (Floating Hotel / The Penance of Valentine Cash / Linghun)
   (The Lilies / Wink / You Fed Us to the Roses)
   (Malicia / Trespass Against Us / Parachute)

SCREEN TIME (a look at my favourite TV series, past and present...and the occasional rant. Again, extremely random)

MEMES (newest to oldest - single posts in chronological order):


TMST 24: To Tour or Not to Tour? (03/12/19)
TMST 25: What Personality Traits Do You Love/Hate in a Character? (03/19/19)
TMST 26: How Do You Feel about Authors Throwing Big, Obscure Words into Their Books? (04/02/19)
TMST 27: Why Do You Like to Read Book Reviews? (05/07/19)
TMST 28: Do You Prefer Action-Driven Books or Quiet Books? (05/14/19)
TMST 29:Who Are Some of Your Favourite Authors? (05/28/19)
TMST 30: How Do You Keep Going When Sometimes Blogging Feels Like Too Much? (06/25/19)
TMST 31: Fun Post: Share Interesting Things about Yourself (07/23/19)
TMST 32: Let’s Make New Friends: Share Some of Your Favourite Blogs (07/30/19)
TMST 33: Why Do You Read Blog Posts? (08/27/19)
TMST 34: Are There Authors/Books that Everyone Seems to Love but You Don’t? (09/10/19)
TMST 35: How Do You Handle Writing Reviews for Books that You Didn’t Love? (09/17/19)
TMST 36: Would You Spend a Full Night Inside of a Haunted House if Someone Paid You? (10/22/19)
TMST 37: What Are Your Favourite Book Genres? (11/05/19)
TMST 38: Do You Read/Listen to More Than One Book at a Time, or Do You Give Every Book Your Undivided Attention? (01/21/20)
TMST 39: Do You Take Advantage of Free Chapter Previews? (02/04/20)
TMST 40: What's Your Favourite Underrated Book/Series? (02/25/20)
TMST 41: Do You Enjoy Anthologies? (03/10/20)
TMST 42: Are You an Impulsive Book Buyer? (03/31/20)
TMST 43: What Time Periods Are You Drawn to in Books? (04/21/20)
TMST 44: Goodreads Reviews: Do Your Round Your Ratings Up or Down? Do You Think It Matters? (05/05/20)
TMST 45: What Do You Love About Summer? (06/09/20)
TMST 46: Do You Tag Authors in Your (Overall) Positive Reviews? How Do You Feel About Authors Not Acknowledging Them or Opting Out? (06/16/20)
TMST 47: Does Your Reviewing Style Change Depending on the Book? (07/14/20)

THE SUNDAY POST (my own Monthly Edition!) (I stopped participating in it for personal reasons stated here)

TSP 1 (03/02/14)
TSP 2 (04/06/14)
TSP 3 (05/04/14)

BOOK BLOGGER CONFESSIONS (departed and heartily missed!)

CHALLENGES/EVENTS (newest to oldest - single posts in chronological order):

ARMCHAIR BEA 2014 (from May 26 to May 31)

BOOK BLOGGER NEW YEAR'S CHALLENGE 2014 (from January 1 to January 14)

Day 11: TBR Shelf (01/11/14)

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