March 20, 2016

Taste the Books: Review Morsels #1 Nova Ren Suma, Dawn Kurtagich, Ilsa J. Bick


Hello beauties!

So, I've finally gotten around to starting my own brand of mini reviews. I was strongly motivated by Karen from For What It's Worth, who has been raving about my minis since I first recapped a few of my long reviews in some digest post, and was at it again in 2015 when I guest-posted during the Summer Blogger Promo Tour. I'm NOT taking a break from writing long reviews - no such luck LOL. But while I'm making up my mind about a new book I've read, I might as well give you the short version 😉. Just be warned - this feature will be VERY random! So, here goes...

March 12, 2016

Cover Reveal & Author Interview: B.C. Johnson ("Deadgirl: Ghostlight")

Welcome to the cover reveal for Book 2 in the Deadgirl series!
Well, this is an unofficial cover reveal, to tell you the truth. Curiosity Quills Press has recently decided not to do official ones anymore, so its authors are left with the option of doing their own thing via trusted bloggers or not. I'm thrilled to have the chance to show you this beauty, in all its simplicity and mysteriousness. And class - let's not forget class :).

Title: Deadgirl: Ghostlight

Series: Deadgirl (Book 2)

Author: B.C. Johnson

Genres: Afterlife, Paranormal Romance, UF

Age: 14+

Available from: May 16th, 2016

Cover artist: Andy Garcia

Deadgirl: Ghostlight on Goodreads

Read my review of Book 1 here


Blurb: Transformed into a “phantom” by her own titanic will to live, Lucy must feed on the essence, memories, and emotions of others to keep herself solid. After defeating her Grim Reaper and learning that she could survive without hurting people, Lucy thought the madness was finally over.
Her cravings for essence under control, Lucy tries to live a normal life. Apparently you have to be alive for that to work, though, as Lucy learns that one of her friends is more than she appears. She insists that Lucy, with her ghostly abilities and tentative immortality, can join her in the fight to help those in need.
Thrust into the role of teenage savior, Lucy Day finds herself battling a pack of voyeuristic serial killers, a mysterious and deadly wraith, and the idea that she might actually have to start dating again sometime this century.

March 05, 2016

Guest Post, Excerpt and Giveaway: Tara St. Pierre ("Just a Few Inches")


 Hi my darlings...I have a special treat for you today :).

But first, a little background is required...

A few days ago, I got an email from indie author Tara St. Pierre. A special email, because unlike most authors who would just toss a message at you without even knowing what your blog is about, she had clearly made the time to peruse my review policy and take my likes and dislikes into account. So, to make a long story short, I readily agreed to feature her YA contemporary-with-a-touch-of-sci-fi novel Just a Few Inches on my blog. You all know I have a soft spot for indie authors - though I don't say yes to just about everyone. But Tara's book has a great message at its core, not to mention that - like I said - she was really nice to begin with. And, ice on the cake, AFTER our deal was made, she also volunteered to offer two ebook copies of Just a Few Inches for me to give away!

Now...before you guys run down to the end of this post to fill the form...don't you want to know what Just a Few Inches is about? and also get the chance to read a guest post by its author, peppered with exclusive excerpts from the book you won't find on Amazon? Yes, you do :). So here goes...  

Just a Few Inches by Tara St. Pierre
All Carrie Roberts wants is to be a little bit smaller.

To fit into the perfect dress for the Valentine’s Day Dance. To look beautiful for her boyfriend, the school’s star basketball player. To keep his jealous ex-girlfriend, a rival cheerleader, away from him. And to be noticed by her classmates.

Exercising and dieting don’t work, but an advertisement for weight loss pills promises a quicker solution to her problem. As time runs out, she takes more than the recommended dose until she’s just a few inches slimmer. Heads turn when she arrives at the dance, and the wonderful night with her boyfriend is beyond what she dreamed it would be.

Days later, Carrie discovers that her body is changing in ways that should be impossible. While her doctor searches for a cure, she desperately turns to her friends and family for support. Everyone is noticing her now whether she likes it or not, and even the media is intrigued by her incredible story. Getting everything she once wanted has created new problems—problems that are growing more terrifying every day.
Because Carrie Roberts is shrinking.

"Just a Few Inches" is a Young Adult novel that deals with issues of body image, self-esteem, and teenage relationships. It is intended for readers age 13 and up.