July 06, 2014

Virtual Holiday (Better Known as Blog Hiatus)

Hi my lovelies!

No, that's NOT me
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After a not particularly hot beginning, summer is officially here. And I'm not going on holiday :(. However, I decided I could afford a virtual vacation at least. Now, most of you are probably younger (much younger...) and haler (much haler...) than yours truly. Anyway, to me, summer is a beast. The more I grow old, the more the heat fatigues me. Add job and housekeeping to the mix, and I'm knocked to the ground. And my mind screams for mercy too. It's not easy to form coherent sentences - and in an acquired language at that. So, I decided to take the month of July out (I don't know about August yet, but I wouldn't want to be MIA for too long). I'll still visit blogs and comment on them, and of course I'll respond to emails or comments on my own blog if there are any, and I'll be haunting Goodreads as usual ;P - only I won't post, unless something massive (like winning a giveaway prize or being offered the book of my dreams to review - yeah, right) comes along. Also, I plan on using part of my free time to help a friend with a project of hers - I promised to months ago, but so far I've done very little, and I feel guilty.

So, basically, here's where I wish you all a spectacular summer and say farewell till August (hopefully)...Stay tuned! :)