August 04, 2014

...Did I Say Blog Hiatus?! Well, I've Been Plotting and Scheming...

I've just found out there's no such thing as a blog hiatus.
Because I've actually been spending my blog-free time coming up with new blog ideas and prepping my next articles O_O.

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(Well, just a tiny portion of my time...but still. It's not like I forgot that I have a blog, like I expected to).

So...just a small post to advise everyone out there that:
  1. I'll be back in September (extended hiatus LOL. I'm feeling so lazy. On the other hand, like I said, I'm actually working on my comeback...);
  2. my next review will be for "How to Say Goodbye in Robot" by Natalie Standiford;
  3. I plan on writing a new post about Bloglovin' soon (a rather funny inside story involving myself); and
  4. I will launch my new feature in the first week of September (comeback post)!
About point 4. One of my favourite things in the world - aside from books and music, that is - are TV series. Surprisingly, my tastes in books and shows are almost completely divergent. While I greedily read YA, I can't bring myself to watch serials whose characters are younger than 20-30 (with a huge exception that I'll tell you about in the very first installment of my feature). While afterlife books are my favourite sub-genre, I only like my ghosts messing with the living on paper (yes, I'm saying I've never warmed to Ghost Whisperer). While I adore written sci-fi, I rarely find it alluring on TV (sorry, vast army of Doctor Who fans. Please don't hurt me. Pretty please?*). While I'm a huge, huge, HUGE fan of classic thrillers (Agatha Christie and the like), I need my TV mysteries to be well-rooted in the present time (C.S.I. and the like)...on the other hand, I wouldn't find it satisfying to read a C.S.I. type of novel and watch a murder mystery set in the '30s, or even in the '60s. Simply, there are things that work for me in a format and not in the other. Anyway, like I said, I watch a good number of TV series (while I'm not a fan of movies)...and I noticed many other bloggers do. So I thought, how about letting my love for these shows shine on my blog as well? and maybe having the chance to discuss them with my fellow bloggers? That's why I'm going to launch a not-book-related feature called "Screen Time". Stay tuned LOL.

Logo preview!

How did July go for y'all? Where you on holiday? or sweating (and maybe swearing too hehe) at work? I've been working all month, but it wasn't overwhelming or anything (thank you, oh air conditioner). Just plain old routine. Summer makes me tired though. I'm lucky this hasn't been a particularly hot one so far in my corner of the world (what about yours?). Anyway, I'm looking forward to my usual August-week-off (from the 11th to 17th). It's not like I'm going anywhere, but I'll be home and resting, which is nice. So, well, talk to you later. Have a great month my lovelies!

*Edit, August 2017: I've caved in and watched Doctor Who recently, and I fell in LOVE with the show - especially the Tennant years. Still feeling the same about Ghost Whisperer though, even if I happened to watch most of Medium and (despite my not buying the premise) I liked it. It was less "politically correct" and more realistic...or less unrealistic...than GW. I mean...OK, you get me, don't you? Eh).