Unwalled Room

Welcome to the Unwalled Room.

Because not everything fits in a box. 

I had been the proud owner of this blog for over a year when the hard truth finally sank in: there are books that tend to escape any category. Yes, they can still be labeled, but it's not easy to put them in one of my designated Rooms - or I might spoil them too much if I did. As soon as I realized this, I decided to reserve them a special place in my blog, which I called the Weird Room at first. But I wasn't really happy with the name. I meant it in a good way, but who knows - maybe some authors might find the adjective not particularly flattering 😶. Another year passed before I came up with a satisfying name...why, the Unwalled Room! It's mysterious, and likely to confuse some of my visitors at first (or to seduce them into visiting this page just in order to see what it's about LOL)...and still it conveys the meaning I'm trying to communicate. This is an open space, where books that refuse to be labeled - or politely ask not to - are stored and live happily ever after. Welcome, oh you reader in search of a thrill 🙂.
(In plain English: these books are a mixture of afterlife, horror, supernatural, sci-fi and thriller, in different doses and maybe not always all together. A paradisaical mess 😉).
As usual, books in bold are the ones I still have to read...

Aubry, Edward: MAYHEM WAVE:
   Prelude to Mayhem [YA/NA crossover] (11/16)
   Static Mayhem [NA] (07/17)
   Mayhem's Children [NA] (12/17)
   Balance of Mayhem [Adult] (11/18)
   Mayhem's Reign [Adult] (out ??/??)
Beckbessinger, Sam & Halvorsen, Dale: Girls of Little Hope (06/23)
Bérubé, Amelinda: The Dark Beneath the Ice (08/18)
Bick, Ilsa J.: ASHES:
   Ashes, Shadows & Monsters (09/11, 09/12 & 09/13) -> [I did a joint review for them]
   White Space & The Dickens Mirror (02/14 & 03/15) -> [I did a joint review for them]
Bick, Ilsa J.: Draw the Dark (10/10)
Boorman, Kate A.: What We Buried (02/19)
Cerilli, Matteo L.: Lockjaw (06/24)
Diacon-Furtado Quinn: The Lilies (04/24)
Herz, Henry et al.: Wink (06/24)
Johnson, B.C.: RIVEN:
   The Bad Rescue of Devon Streeter [later rebranded as Riven] (03/15)
   ????? (out ??/??)
   ????? (out ??/??)
   ????? (out ??/??)
Kurtagich, Dawn: The Dead House (08/15)
Kurtagich, Dawn: The Creeper Man [UK] - And the Trees Crept In [US] (07/16 - 09/16)
La Sala, Ryan: The Honeys (08/22)
Link, Kelly: The Book of Love (02/24)
Lund, Natalie: We Speak in Storms (09/19)
Marshall, Kate Alice: Rules for Vanishing (09/19)
Mitchell, Todd: Backwards (10/13)
Ness, Patrick: More Than This (09/13)
Puxty, Tyrolin: Down to Oath (04/18)
Rhuday-Perkovic Olugbemisola: You're Breaking My Heart (01/24)
Sambury, Liselle: Delicious Monsters (02/23)
St. George, Carlie: You Fed Us to the Roses (10/22)
Suma, Nova Ren: Imaginary Girls (06/11)
Suma, Nova Ren: The Walls Around Us (03/15)
Suma, Nova Ren: A Room Away from the Wolves (09/18)
Tucholke, April Genevieve et al.: Slasher Girls & Monster Boys (08/15)
Wesley, E.S.: The Outs (01/17)

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