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Welcome to the Contemporary Room.

But don't think it's necessarily safe.

I'm not a huge fan of average contemporary, especially the fluffy type - you know, romance and teen angst about it. But I do love stories about friendship, and finding one's calling, and being different, and staying true to oneself...these are the stories you'll find on this page.
As usual, bold indicates the books I plan to read. All the books are listed by authors' surnames. Reviews (and more titles) coming in time.

Benwell, Fox: Kaleidoscope Song (09/17)
Callahan, Erin: The Art Of Escaping (06/19)
Eulberg, Elizabeth: Take a Bow (04/12)
Goetze, Jutta: Luna-C (11/01)
Kerr, M. E.: Deliver Us from Evie (08/95)
Koja, Kathe: Talk (03/05)
Larkindale, Kate: An Unstill Life (01/14)
McNally, Janet: Girls in the Moon (11/16)
Nolan, Han: Dancing on the Edge (03/07)
Roth Culli, Lindsey: This Above All (08/16)
Rufus, Rob: The Vinyl Underground (03/20)
Scoppettone, Sandra: Trying Hard to Hear You (??/74) -> [I read it in Italian]
Smith-Ready, Jeri: This Side of Salvation (04/14)
Standiford, Natalie: How to Say Goodbye in Robot (12/10)
Suma, Nova Ren: Fade Out (06/12) [previously released as Dani Noir (09/09)]
Thompson, Mystic: Fighting Kudzu (03/09; reissue 09/14)
Tibensky, Arlaina: And Then Things Fall Apart (07/11)
Vaught, Susan: Freaks Like Us (09/12)
Zarr, Sara: Sweethearts (02/08)


...a.k.a. books that: 1) basically have a contemporary setting and deal with contemporary issues; 2) can't be categorized as "supernatural" or such; 3) but present unusual, highly imaginative, magical or fantasy elements (or deal with mental health, which produces unreliable narrators).
*Later note: I wasn't familiar with the "magical realism" label when I came up with the "contemporary with a twist" one. So I've decided to keep my own label for this kind of books, as opposed to go back and change it in the reviews and/or pages where it was used/mentioned. Please bear with me πŸ™‚.

Karcz, Lauren: The Gallery of Unfinished Girls (07/17)
King, A.S.: Glory O'Brien's History of the Future (10/14)
King. A.S.: I Crawl Through It (09/15)
King. A.S.: Still Life with Tornado (10/16)
King, A.S.: Dig (05/19)
King, A.S.: Switch (05/21)
Koefod, Susan: Naming the Stars (09/16)
Kumagai, Clara: Catfish Rolling (03/23)
Larson Marble, Amy: Life on Repeat (02/20)
Mabry, Samantha: Tigers, Not Daughters (03/20)
Mahoney, Rebecca: The Valley and the Flood (02/21)
Mahoney, Rebecca: The Memory Eater (03/23)
McGinty, Sean: Rainbow in the Dark (08/21)
Nelson, Colleen: The Life and Deaths of Frankie D. (05/21)
Power, Rory: Burn Our Bodies Down (07/20)
Spofford, Kate: The Art Kids (05/13)
Stewart, Barbara: The In-Between (11/13)
Rayban, ChloΓ«: JUSTINE DUVAL:
   Wild Child, Virtual Sexual Reality, Love in Cyberia, Terminal Chic (??/91, ??/94, ??/96, ??/00) ->
   [I read them in Italian | I did a joint review for them]
Ruby, Laura: Bone Gap (03/15)
Shusterman, Neal: Challenger Deep (04/15)
Stoltz, Adrienne; Bass, Ron: Lucid (10/12)
Suma, Nova Ren: 17 & Gone (03/13)
Tashjian, Janet: For What It's Worth (07/12)
Wallace, Kari: The Memory Trees (10/17)
Webber, Katherine: The Revelry (01/22)

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