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Here are some adult books I read that - in my humble opinion - deserve more recognition than they actually got. As usual, bold indicates I haven't read a book yet, but I plan to. Reviews (and more titles) coming in time.


He's written very few adult books, but they are worth reading - though I'm personally not satisfied with Sati, but that's just me maybe. Check out The Season of Passage...if you like a blend of sci-fi, supernatural and horror, that is. Check out The Blind Mirror, one of the most demented, awesome horror books out there. On second thoughts, it's not like I'm into horror that much (for instance, Stephen King's body horror is usually too heavy for my tastes), but I loved those novels all the same - so maybe non-horror fans will too.
Titles are in chronological order BTW.

Sati (09/90) *contemporary with a twist  -> [maybe??? you'll have to judge for yourselves...]
The Season of Passage (02/92) *sci-fi, supernatural, horror
The Listeners (10/94) *supernatural, horror
The Cold One (01/95) *sci-fi, supernatural, horror
The Blind Mirror (05/03) *thriller, sci-fi, supernatural, horror
Falling (03/07) *thriller
The Sixth Door -> [a future release Pike is working on]


Abbot, Alana Joli et al.: Where the Veil Is Thin (07/20) *fantasy
Adams, John Joseph et al.: Dead Man's Hand (05/14) *sci-fi, urban fantasy
Adams, John Joseph et al.: Wastelands 2: More Stories of the Apocalypse (02/15) *sci-fi,
   urban fantasy
Ahmed, Saladin et al.: Canto Bight (12/17) *sci-fi
Amor, Gemma: Full Immersion (09/22) *sci-fi
Aquilone, James et al.: Classic Monsters Unleashed (07/22) *supernatural, urban fantasy
Aubry, Edward: Caprice (01/12) *thriller, sci-fi, fantasy
Aubry, Edward: UNHAPPENINGS:
   Unhappenings (01/15) *sci-fi
   ????? (out ??/??) *sci-fi
Barnes, S.A.: Dead Silence (01/22) *thriller, horror, sci-fi
Bellin, Joshua David: Myriad (05/23) *sci-fi, thriller
Bergman, Rebekah: The Museum of Human History (08/23) *sci-fi, contemporary
Brozek, Jennifer et al.: Human Tales (04/11) *fantasy, horror
Butcher, Jim et al.: Shadowed Souls (11/16) *urban fantasy
Caine, Rachel et al.: Carniepunk (07/13) *urban fantasy
   The Girl with All the Gifts (01/14) *sci-fi, horror
   Infinity Gate (03/23) *sci-fi, multiverse
Celt, Adrienne: End of the World House (04/22) *multiverse, sci-fi, mystery
Christy, Ann: The Never-Ending End of the World (08/23) *sci-fi
Connor, Quinn: Cicadas Sing of Summer Graves (05/23) *contemporary with a twist
Connor, Quinn: The Pecan Children (06/24) *contemporary with a twist
Curtis, Grace: Floating Hotel (03/24) *sci-fi
De Filippo, Paul: Vangie's Ghosts (02/24) *sci-fi
Devlin, Malcolm: Unexpected Places to Fall From, Unexpected Places to Land (10/21) *multiverse,
   sci-fi, afterlife 
Dicks, Matthew (a.k.a. Green, Matthew): Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend (08/12)
   *contemporary with a twist
Disney, Neda: Planting Wolves (11/19) *contemporary with a twist
Doucette, Gene: The Apocalypse Seven (05/21) *sci-fi, thriller
Evans, Nicholas J.: FOR HUMANS, FOR DEMONS:
   Order of Dust (09/20) *supernatural, urban fantasy
Fergesen, Hannah: The Infinite Miles (06/23) *sci-fi
Ferrell, Sean: Man in the Empty Suit (02/13) *sci-fi, thriller
Gardner, Troy H. et al.: 13 Tales to Give You Night Terrors (10/15) *supernatural, afterlife, horror
Gladstone, Max: Last Exit (03/22) *multiverse, urban fantasy
Goodwater, Walter: The Liar of Red Valley (09/21) *supernatural, urban fantasy
Grant, Mira (a.k.a. McGuire, Seanan): NEWSFLESH:
   Feed (05/10) *sci-fi, horror
   Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box [short story set in the Newsflesh universe] (04/11) *sci-fi,
   Deadline (06/11) *sci-fi, horror
   Fed [alternate ending to Feed] (05/12) *sci-fi, horror
   Blackout (05/12) *sci-fi, horror
   Feedback (10/16) *sci-fi, horror
   Rise: A Newsflesh Collection (06/16) *sci-fi, horror
Grant, Mira (a.k.a. McGuire, Seanan): ROLLING IN THE DEEP:
   Rolling in the Deep [prequel novella] (04/15) *urban fantasy, horror
   Into the Drowning Deep (11/17) *urban fantasy, horror
   ????? (out ??/??) *urban fantasy, horror
Grant, Mira (a.k.a. McGuire, Seanan): Final Girls (02/17) *sci-fi, horror
Grant, Mira (a.k.a. McGuire, Seanan): Kingdom of Needle and Bone (12/18) *sci-fi, horror
Grant, Mira (a.k.a. McGuire, Seanan): Square³ (12/21) *sci-fi, fantasy, horror
Grant, Mira (a.k.a. McGuire, Seanan): Unbreakable (03/23) *urban fantasy, supernatural, horror
Greenberg, Louis: Exposure (11/21) *mystery, afterlife 
Greenberg, Martin H. et al.: Westward Weird (07/12) *urban fantasy, sci-fi, horror
Hanks, Dan: Swashbucklers (11/21) *urban fantasy, multiverse
Harris, Charlaine et al.: Games Creatures Play (04/14) *urban fantasy, horror
Hart, Rob: The Paradox Hotel (02/22) *sci-fi
Howard, Scott Alexander: The Other Valley (02/24) *contemporary with a twist
Hughes, Kerrie L. et al.: Hex in the City (11/13) *urban fantasy, sci-fi
   The Hotel at the End of Time (01/21) *supernatural, horror
   The Well at the Bottom of Everything (08/21) *supernatural, horror
   The Elevator at the Brink of Infinity (08/22) *supernatural, horror, multiverse
Jiang, Ai: Linghun (04/23) *afterlife
Jones, Brandon: Whirly World *afterlife, mystery
Karolewski, Michael: VALCARA INCORPORATED:
   The Soul Sector (10/21; reissue 09/23) *afterlife, urban fantasy
   The Prophet's Debt (10/23) *afterlife, urban fantasy 
   ????? (out ??/24) *afterlife, urban fantasy
   ????? (out ??/25) *afterlife, urban fantasy
   ????? (out ??/26) *afterlife, urban fantasy
   ????? (out ??/27) *afterlife, urban fantasy
Khaw, Cassandra: The All-Consuming World (08/21) *sci-fi, thriller
Kingfisher, T.: What Moves the Dead (07/22) *sci-fi, mystery, horror
Kiste, Gwendolyn: The Haunting of Velkwood (03/24) *supernatural
Klima. John at al.: Glitter & Mayhem (08/13) *urban fantasy, sci-fi 
Leslie, Ryan: THE BETWEEN:
   The Between (04/21) *supernatural, horror
   The Garden of Before (out 05/25) *supernatural, horror
Leslie, Ryan: Colossus (03/24) *sci-fi
McGuire, Seanan: INCRYPTID:
   Discount Armageddon (03/12) *urban fantasy
   Midnight Blue-Light Special (03/13) *urban fantasy
   Half-Off Ragnarok (03/14) *urban fantasy
   Pocket Apocalypse (03/15) *urban fantasy
   Chaos Choreography (03/16) *urban fantasy
   Magic for Nothing (03/17) *urban fantasy
   Tricks for Free (03/18) *urban fantasy
   That Ain’t Witchcraft (03/19) *urban fantasy
   Imaginary Numbers (02/20) *urban fantasy
   Calculated Risks (02/21) *urban fantasy
   Spelunking Through Hell (03/22) *urban fantasy
   Backpacking Through Bedlam (03/23) *urban fantasy
   Aftermarket Afterlife (03/24) *urban fantasy
McGuire, Seanan: VELVETEEN VS.:
   [I reviewed all three in a mini-review round] *urban fantasy
McGuire, Seanan: INDEXING:
   Indexing & Reflections (05/13 & 08/16) -> [I did a joint review for them] *urban fantasy
McGuire, Seanan: GHOST ROADS:
   Sparrow Hill Road (05/14) *afterlife, urban fantasy
   The Girl in the Green Silk Gown (07/18) *afterlife, urban fantasy
   Angel of the Overpass (05/21) *afterlife, urban fantasy
McGuire, Seanan: Boneyard (10/17) *urban fantasy
McGuire, Seanan: Laughter at the Academy (10/19) *sci-fi, fantasy, horror
   Middlegame (05/19) *supernatural
   Seasonal Fears (05/22) *supernatural
   Tidal Creatures (out 06/24) *supernatural
   Inkpot Gods (out ??/26) *supernatural
   Asphodel (out ??/28) *supernatural
Meadors, Melanie R. et al.: Hath No Fury (07/18) *sci-fi, urban fantasy
Mi Young Hur Angela: Folklorn (04/21) *contemporary with a twist
Moore, Scotto: Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You (02/19) *supernatural, thriller
Morris, Mark et al.: Close to Midnight (10/22*?????, ?????, horror
Moulton, Rachel Eve: The Insatiable Volt Sisters (04/23) *supernatural
Murphy, Sara Flannery: The Wonder State (07/23) *contemporary with a twist,
Nassise, Joseph et al.: Urban Allies (07/16) *urban fantasy, sci-fi
Nassise, Joseph et al.: Urban Enemies (08/18) *urban fantasy, sci-fi
Palmatier, Joshua et al.: The Modern Fae's Guide to Surviving Humanity (03/12) *urban fantasy  
Palmatier, Joshua et al.: Temporally Out of Order (08/15) *sci-fi, urban fantasy
Parisien, Dominik: The Mythic Dream (08/19) *urban fantasy, sci-fi
Pearson, Mallory: We Ate the Dark (02/24) *supernatural, afterlife, multiverse, mystery
Peck, Steven L.: A Short Stay in Hell (03/12) *afterlife
Pillar, Amanda et al.: Bloodlines (11/15) *urban fantasy
   Doors of Sleep (01/21) *multiverse
   Prison of Sleep (04/22) *multiverse
Rain, J.R. et al.: Chronology (01/15) *sci-fi, fantasy, thriller
Rain, J.R. et al.: Darkscapes (01/17) *sci-fi, fantasy, thriller
Reed Perez, Nadi: The Afterlife of Mal Caldera (06/24) *afterlife
Reith, Anna: Dead in Time (02/11) *afterlife, thriller
   The Green Eyed Monster (10/12) *thriller, supernatural
   Negative Space (08/13) *thriller, supernatural
   Waking Gods (01/16) *thriller, supernatural
Rook, Rebecca: The Penance of Valentine Cash (01/24) *afterlife
Salman, Naomi: Nothing but the Rain (03/23) *contemporary with a twist? sci-fi?
Sims, Jonathan: Thirteen Storeys (11/20) *thriller, supernatural, horror
Sinn, RA: A Second Chance for Yesterday (08/23) *sci-fi
Smith-Ready, Jeri: Requiem for the Devil (04/01) *urban fantasy
Smith-Ready, Jeri: WVMP RADIO:
   Wicked Game (05/08) *urban fantasy
   Bad to the Bone (05/09) *urban fantasy
   Bring on the Night (08/10) *urban fantasy
   Let It Bleed (07/12) *urban fantasy -> [free-download novella here - not anymore]
   Lust for Life (11/12) *urban fantasy
   Crossroads [Monroe] *urban fantasy -> [read it online here]
   Rave On [Spence] *urban fantasy -> [read it online here]
   When the Music's Over [Jim] *urban fantasy -> [read it online here]
   Last Request [Shane] *urban fantasy -> [read it online here]
   Thief [in Eternal: More Love Stories with Bite (11/10)*urban fantasy
Snyder, C.W.: The Infernal Machine (01/20) *supernatural, fantasy, horror
Strahan, Jonathan et al.: Someone in Time: Tales of Time-Crossed Romance (05/22) *sci-fi
Tchaikovsky, Adrian: Walking to Aldebaran (05/19) *sci-fi, horror
Tchaikovsky, Adrian: One Day All This Will Be Yours (03/21) *sci-fi, dark comedy
Tchaikovsky, Adrian: And Put Away Childish Things (03/23) *fantasy
Vogel Dawn (editor) et al.: I Didn't Break the Lamp (10/19) *supernatural
Wallace, Kali: Dead Space (03/21) *sci-fi
Walters, Ron: Deep Dive (01/22) *sci-fi, multiverse
White, Kiersten: Mister Magic (08/23) *supernatural, thriller
Whiteley, Aliya: Three Eight One (01/24) *sci-fi, contemporary with a twist, metafiction
Wilson, Daniel H.: Press Start to Play (08/15) *sci-fi
Winning, Josh: The Shadow Glass (03/22) *fantasy
Winning, Josh: Burn the Negative (07/23) *thriller, horror
Winning, Josh: Heads Will Roll (07/24) *thriller, horror
Wymore, James et al.: THE ACTUATOR:
   Fractured Earth (08/13) *sci-fi, fantasy
   Borderlands Anthology (09/14) *sci-fi, fantasy
   Return of the Saboteur (07/15) *sci-fi, fantasy
   Chaos Chronicles (12/16) *sci-fi, fantasy
   The Last Key (11/17) *sci-fi, fantasy
Wymore James et al.: Windows into Hell (10/16) *afterlife
Yu, Charles: How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe (09/10) *sci-fi, multiverse

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