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How human is the future? 

Advanced science and technology, dystopia, post-apocalypse, time travel. It's funny, because though I'm a sucker for time travel, most books here seem to deal with dystopia instead. On the other hand, it's difficult to find a time travel book that doesn't cross centuries back...I like my time travel to deal with the future, or the not-so-distant past at least.
As usual, bold indicates the books I plan to read. All the books are listed by authors' surnames. Reviews (and more titles) coming in time.

Arrington, Adriana: Puppet Master (out ??/??)
Chiavari, Lyssa: THE IAMOS TRILOGY:
   Fourth World (12/15)
Dickinson, Peter: Eva (10/88) -> [I read it in Italian]
Goodman, Alison: Singing the Dogstar Blues (08/98)
Grant, Mira (a.k.a. McGuire, Seanan): Alien: Echo (04/19)
Healey, Karen: WHEN WE WAKE:
   When We Wake (01/13)
   While We Run (05/14)
HΓΆst, Andrea K.: And All the Stars (09/12)
Hughes, Naomi: Afterimage (09/18)
Kern, Sim: ?????:
   Seeds for the Swarm (03/23)
Lancaster, Mike: POINT 4:
   0.4 [or Human.4] (03/11)
   1.4 [or The Future We Left Behind] (05/12)
Lewis, Britney S.: The Dark Place (08/23)
Morin, J.L.: Nature's Confession (01/15)
   The Last Life of Avrilis (out ??/??)
   ????? (out ??/??)
   The Adoration of Jenna Fox (04/08)
   The Fox Inheritance (08/11)
   The Rotten Beast (11/11)
   Fox Forever (03/13)
Peevyhouse, Parker: Where Futures End (02/16)
Peevyhouse, Parker: The Echo Room (09/18)
Peevyhouse, Parker: Strange Exit (01/20)
Rose, Allison: TICK:
   Tick (02/15)   
   The Foster Children of Time (01/14)
   The Mariner King (06/16)
   Return of the Sky Fathers (out ??/??)
Stinson, Danielle: Before I Disappear (07/19)
Terrill, Cristin: All Our Yesterdays (09/13)
Wallace, Kali: Salvation Day [NA] (07/19)
Wasserman, Robin: COLD AWAKENING:
   Frozen [previously titled Skinned] (09/08)
   Shattered [previously titled Crashed] (09/09)
   Torn [previously titled Wired] (09/10)   

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