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Try my memes and join my literature ramblings.

Here is a list of the memes/challenges/events I take/took part in and my own features. If you're curious about Offbeat YA's history, check them out...or (in case of ongoing memes/features), if you like what you read, jump in yourself!


A READER'S QUIRKS (extremely random)

ARQ 1: Are You Attached to Authors? (05/25/13)
ARQ 2: Five Steps to Reading a Novel (08/23/13)
ARQ 3: Tips for Slimming Your TBR List Down (10/07/14)
ARQ 4: You, Irresistible Afterlife Novel (01/23/15)
ARQ 5: Why I'm Not Reading Your "Sexy" YA Book (02/07/15)

REVIEW MORSELS (extremely random)

RM 1: Nova Ren Suma, Dawn Kurtagich, Ilsa J. Bick (03/20/16)
RM 2: Matthew S. Cox, Alison Goodman, Jeri Smith-Ready (06/25/16)
RM 3: Patrick Ness, Robin Wasserman, E.S. Wesley (01/02/17)
RM 4: Janet McNally, Seanan McGuire, Janet Tashjian (01/29/17)

SCREEN TIME (a look at my favourite TV series, past and present...and the occasional rant)

ST 1: "Fame" (1982) (09/21/14)
ST 2: "Under the Dome" (2013) - Pt. 1 (11/16/14)
ST 3: "Heroes" (2006) (09/22/15)
ST 4: Dear Screenwriters, You Have No Right (06/09/16)
ST 5: In Which I'm Hitchhiking for the TARDIS (02/19/17)


BOOK BLOGGER CONFESSIONS (departed and heartily missed!)

BBC: Reading Habits Edition (02/18/13)
BBC: Blog Design Edition (03/18/13)
BBC: Real Life Edition (04/01/13)
BBC: Blogging in Time Edition (04/15/13)
BBC: Hot Topics Edition (04/29/13)
BBC: Blog Events Edition (06/03/13)
BBC: Author Interactions Edition (07/01/13)

THE SUNDAY POST (my own Monthly Edition!) (I stopped participating in it for personal reasons stated here)

TSP #1 (03/02/14)
TSP #2 (04/06/14)
TSP #3 (05/04/14)


BOOK BLOGGER NEW YEAR'S CHALLENGE 2014 (from Jan. 1 to Jan. 14)

Day 1: Blogger Resolutions (01/01/14)
Day 2: Blogging Pros and Cons (01/02/14)
Day 3: Missed Books of 2013 (01/03/14)
Day 4: Not-to-Miss Books of 2014 (01/04/14)
Day 7: Blogging Pet Peeves (01/07/14)
Day 11: TBR Shelf (01/11/14)
Day 12: Getting More Followers (01/12/14)
Day 14: Blogging Wish List 2014 (01/14/14)

ARMCHAIR BEA 2014 (from May 26 to May 31)

Day 1: Introducing Offbeat YA (05/26/14)
Day 4: Beyond the Borders (05/30/14)
Day 5: Middle Grade/Young Adult (05/31/14)

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