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Here is a list of the memes/challenges/events I take/took part in and my own features. If you're curious about Offbeat YA's history, check them out...or (in case of ongoing memes/features), if you like what you read, jump in yourself!

DISCUSSION POSTS (single posts in chronological order):

ORIGINAL FEATURES (single posts in chronological order):

A READER'S QUIRKS (extremely random)

REVIEW MORSELS (extremely random)

   (The Walls Around Us, The Dead House, The Dark Passages duology)
   (Nine Candles of Deepest Black, Singing the Dogstar Blues, This Side Of Salvation)
   (More Than This, The Waking Dark, The Outs)
   (Girls in the Moon, Every Heart a Doorway, For What It's Worth)
   (Deadgirl: Goneward, Glory O'Brien's History of the Future,The Creeper Man)
   (Where Futures End, Imaginary Girls, Still Life with Tornado)
   (Down Among the Sticks and Bones, When We Wake, The In-Between)
   (Challenger Deep, While We Run, 17 & Gone)
   (Shallow Graves, The Midnight Dress, I Crawl Through It)
RM 10: Ilsa J. Bick, Han Nolan, J.R. Rain et al. (09/09/18)
   (Draw the Dark, Dancing on the Edge, Chronology)
RM 11: Nova Ren Suma, Seanan McGuire, Parker Peevyhouse (03/04/19)
   (A Room Away from the Wolves, Sparrow Hill Road, The Echo Room)
RM 12: Lauren Karcz, Rin Chupeco, Amelinda Bérubé (05/01/19)
   (The Gallery of Unfinished Girls, The Girl from the Well, The Dark Beneath the Ice)
RM 13: Seanan McGuire, Matthew Green, T.E. Carter (07/02/19)
   (Beneath the Sugar Sky, Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, I Stop Somewhere)
RM 14: Rin Chupeco, Charles Yu, 'Nathan Burgoine (09/04/19)
   (The Suffering, How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe, Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks)
RM 15: Seanan McGuire, Naomi Hughes, M.E. Kerr (11/07/19)
   (The Girl in the Green Silk Gown, Afterimage, Deliver Us from Evie)
RM 16: Ryan La Sala, Parker Peevyhouse, Rob Rufus (11/10/19)
   (Reverie, Strange Exit, The Vinyl Underground)
RM 17: The Seanan McGuire Edition (03/25/20)
   (In an Absent Dream, Come Tumbling Down, Middlegame)
RM 18: Sean Ferrell, Nathalie Lund, Andrea Contos (06/24/20)
   (Man in the Empty Suit, We Speak in Storms, Throwaway Girls)

SCREEN TIME (a look at my favourite TV series, past and present...and the occasional rant. Again, extremely random)

MEMES (newest to oldest - single posts in chronological order):


TMST 24: To Tour or Not to Tour? (03/12/19)
TMST 25: What Personality Traits Do You Love/Hate in a Character? (03/19/19)
TMST 26: How Do You Feel about Authors Throwing Big, Obscure Words into Their Books? (04/02/19)
TMST 27: Why Do You Like to Read Book Reviews? (05/07/19)
TMST 28: Do You Prefer Action-Driven Books or Quiet Books? (05/14/19)
TMST 29:Who Are Some of Your Favourite Authors? (05/28/19)
TMST 30: How Do You Keep Going When Sometimes Blogging Feels Like Too Much? (06/25/19)
TMST 31: Fun Post: Share Interesting Things about Yourself (07/23/19)
TMST 32: Let’s Make New Friends: Share Some of Your Favourite Blogs (07/30/19)
TMST 33: Why Do You Read Blog Posts? (08/27/19)
TMST 34: Are There Authors/Books that Everyone Seems to Love but You Don’t? (09/10/19)
TMST 35: How Do You Handle Writing Reviews for Books that You Didn’t Love? (09/17/19)
TMST 36: Would You Spend a Full Night Inside of a Haunted House if Someone Paid You? (10/22/19)
TMST 37: What Are Your Favourite Book Genres? (11/05/19)
TMST 38: Do You Read/Listen to More Than One Book at a Time, or Do You Give Every Book Your Undivided Attention? (01/21/20)
TMST 39: Do You Take Advantage of Free Chapter Previews? (02/04/20)
TMST 40: What's Your Favourite Underrated Book/Series? (02/25/20)
TMST 41: Do You Enjoy Anthologies? (03/10/20)
TMST 42: Are You an Impulsive Book Buyer? (03/31/20)
TMST 43: What Time Periods Are You Drawn to in Books? (04/21/20)
TMST 44: Goodreads Reviews: Do Your Round Your Ratings Up or Down? Do You Think It Matters? (05/05/20)
TMST 45: What Do You Love About Summer? (06/09/20)
TMST: Do You Tag Authors in Your (Overall) Positive Reviews? How Do You Feel About Authors Not Acknowledging Them or Opting Out? (06/16/20)
TMST: Does Your Reviewing Style Change Depending on the Book? (07/14/20)

THE SUNDAY POST (my own Monthly Edition!) (I stopped participating in it for personal reasons stated here)

TSP 1 (03/02/14)
TSP 2 (04/06/14)
TSP 3 (05/04/14)

BOOK BLOGGER CONFESSIONS (departed and heartily missed!)

CHALLENGES/EVENTS (newest to oldest - single posts in chronological order):

ARMCHAIR BEA 2014 (from May 26 to May 31)

BOOK BLOGGER NEW YEAR'S CHALLENGE 2014 (from January 1 to January 14)

Day 11: TBR Shelf (01/11/14)

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