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Welcome to the Supernatural Room.

Where your best nightmares come true. 


This is the place for all the extraordinary and unusual stuff...with a notable exception: books that follow the main lead through the afterlife (or undead life) will be stored, take a guess? in the Afterlife Room.
Note: I'm aware that Supernatural and Paranormal aren't exactly the same thing, though they're often used without discrimination. While Supernatural deals with ghosts, angels, demons and the like - basically, dead/undead creatures - Paranormal usually addresses living people who are endowed with powers and abilities. But I didn't feel that the blog required two different pages for them (as with Sci-Fi and Dystopian, that share a page as well). So, the list below features both Supernatural and Paranormal novels. Please bear with me 🙂.
Again, bold indicates the books I plan to read. All the books are listed by authors' surnames. Reviews (and more titles) coming in time. For Supernatural books by Christopher Pike, please enter Christopher Pike Room.

Baker, A. Deborah (a.k.a. McGuire, Seanan): ?????:
   Over the Woodward Wall (out 10/20)
   ????? (out ??/??)
   ????? (out ??/??)
Blake, Kendare: ANNA:
   Anna Dressed in Blood (08/11)
   Girl of Nightmares (08/12)
Bonansinga, Jay: Lucid (04/15)
Burgoine, 'Nathan: Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks (12/18)
Callahan, Erin & Gardner, Troy H.: MAD WORLD SERIES [double trilogy]:
   Wakefield (10/12; reissue 12/17)
   Tunnelville (06/13; reissue 06/19)
   Perfection (07/14) 
   Calvary (out ??/??) 
   Reflections (out ??/??)
   ????? (out ??/??)
Cox, Matthew S.: Nine Candles of Deepest Black (09/16)
Grant, Mira (a.k.a. McGuire, Seanan): ROLLING IN THE DEEP:
   Rolling in the Deep (04/15)
   Into the Drowning Deep (11/17)
   ????? (out ??/??)
Johnson, B.C.: I Was a Teenage Sidekick (out ??/??)
Jones, Diana Wynne: The Time of the Ghost (??/81)
La Sala, Ryan: Reverie (12/19)
   Every Heart a Doorway (04/16)
   Down Among the Sticks and Bones (06/17)
   Beneath the Sugar Sky (01/18)
   In an Absent Dream (01/19)
   Come Tumbling Down (01/20)
   Across the Green Grass Fields (01/21)
McGuire, Seanan: Middlegame (05/19)
McNamee, Graham: Beyond (09/12)
Morrow, Bethany C.: A Song Below Water (06/20)
   The Mark of Noba (08/15)
   The City of Fallen Stars (out ??/??)
   ????? (out ??/??)
   ????? (out ??/??)
Winning, Joshua: SENTINEL TRILOGY:
   Sentinel, Ruins, Witchpin [tie-in novella] & Splinter (05/14, 05/15, 03/18 & 07/18) -> [I did a
   joint review for them]    

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