May 29, 2018

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Debut Authors/New to Me Authors. What Books Have You Read Lately by New Authors That You Want to Read More From?

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Here is what is on deck this week:


Confession: I'm very much a "book reader" as opposed to an "author reader". Apart from a few classic thriller writers (Agatha Christie, Ellery Queen, John Dickson Carr/Carter Dickson/Carr Dickson and Rex Stout) my only modern go-to-author used to be Christopher Pike (here is the blog page I set up for him), because I love his crazy plots 😂. Except for the authors I have an ongoing blogger/writer relationship with, I wasn't going steady with any, and I rarely did read more than one book by the same author (series aside, of course). But lately (does "during the latest three years" qualifies as "lately"? 😄), I've read a handful of books that put their authors on my radar. In strictly alphabetical order...

A Tennant gif? How...Ood 😂 (...yes, non-Whovians, Ood are a thing LOL. Or better, an alien people)


After reading his adult (but teen-friendly) sci-fi book Unhappenings in 2016 (it had come out the year before though), I fell for his complex worlds. His storytelling keeps getting better, he's big on quirky but relatable female characters with a strong spine, and the mix of sci-fi and fantasy in his ongoing Mayhem Wave series is enthralling. I'm sold on his future books.


Seriously, WHY IS THIS WOMAN SO UNDERRATED? Her metafiction/multiverse/horror/supernatural Dark Passages duology (mature YA) blew me away. OK, not a series for everyone, I'll admit. Another author I first tried in 2016, and now I want to read everything she's written (except for Drowning Instinct, because a relationship between a teen girl and an adult man is not something I can stomach, whatever the book message is).


I only read her 2016 YA sci-fi debut Where Futures End this year, and I think she's a promising author (story-wise) with a flair for evocative writing. I'm very much looking forward to her second book, The Echo Room (coming out in September).


I really enjoyed his dark afterlife/fantasy, Alice-in-Wonderland inspired debut Child of Nod (mature YA/NA, up to adult), though he put so much on the plate, he set my head spinning. Apart from this ongoing series (Book 2 comes out on November) he often drops plot hints of his future releases on Twitter, and they sound so really amazing.


In 2016, again (seriously, what's with the year?), I fell in love with her contemporary/supernatural fourth book, The Walls Around Us (YA). The story was awesome on so many counts, plus THE WRITING. Man, the writing. I loved how evocative it was without being purple. Since then, I've read two more books by her, both this year, and I plaud the way she writes female characters, as damaged as they can be - with compassion and understanding. She's become an auto-buy author for me, which is almost unprecedented...


Last year I read her 2016 (ha!) YA afterlife/horror/supernatural debut Shallow Graves, and I loved it. Especially since she was able to have me connect with the main character (a bisexual girl and aspiring astronaut murdered at 17, who comes back as a peculiar undead "thing"), and her feminist commentary was spot-on. Plus her writing creeps on you while you're not even noticing.

(who at present has a MG series coming out under the name SEAN EASLEY)

Part sci-fi, part urban fantasy, with a couple of leads who get under your skin, Wesley's YA debut The Outs (2017) weaves tridimensional, diverse characters, a breathtaking story and a heartwarming friendship (though teetering on the verge of potential romance). Right now, Wesley is putting forth a MG series (duology?) for Simon&Schuster (while The Outs was published by Curiosity Quills). It sounds awesome, but since my blog is not geared towards straight-up MG, I'm waiting for him to come back to YA one day, and I'm sure I'll devour his books!

...maybe NOT this way...
Well, that's it for now. And if you're interested in participating, here is the TMST prompt list for June:
  • June 5th: Summer picks 2018
  • June 12th: Midyear update: favorite reads, goal progress etc. 
  • June 19th: Cliffhangers: do they compel you to read more or steer you away?
  • June 26th: What is worse: cliffhanger, abrupt ending or open ending?
As usual, lots of fun/thought-provoking prompts coming! My next TMST will be on June 12th. Wow, the first wrap-up of the year! How well have we fared? Did we meet our reading and (even more important) blogging resolutions?

Now tell me something...are there any debut authors, or authors you've only read the odd book so far, who have already made it (or very likely will) to your auto-buy list?


  1. I'm a book reader rather than an author reader too. It happens relatively rarely that I start bing-reading someone's works...

    Happy reading!

    Ronnie @ Paradise Found

  2. I have *names* that I gravitate to because of previous good reading experiences but I've also been let down a lot that way. So I may love a new author but I rarely auto buy anymore (there are a few exceptions) instead the name will get me to look but then I will read the synopsis and reviews and go from there.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. So...we actually agree on something! 😮😄

  3. thats awesome that you found so many new authors that you fell in love with, I must confess not sure I have heard of any of them up until now

    1. Ah, but that's the fun in doing this kind of posts! One gets to introduce stuff to other people 😉. And I will admit I read a lot of less-known authors/books (hence the name of my blog), though I'm a little surprised you aren't familiar with Nova Ren Suma at least. She's got quite a following.

  4. I'm mostly a book reader than an author reader too, but I do have a few go-to authors that if they write something I'll read whatever they write. :)

    1. You can share names if you want! That's what this space is for 🙂.

  5. Bahaha. How Ood. Love me some Tennant! Ilsa J. Blick is the only author off that list I've read. But I'm totally adding the others to a list of authors/books to check out. Great list!

    1. Yay! A fellow Whovian/Tennanite! (Tennanite?!? LOL).

      Thank you - I hope you'll find something to your taste in my list!

  6. I haven't been reading all that much lately, as you very well know, but one author I'm definitely keeping an eye on is S. K. Ali, whose Saints and Misfits I LOVED!

    1. And you seem to have all the reasons for doing so! Correct representation is still difficult to find.

  7. Ooh, sounds like a great list! I'm not totally sold on Bick, but I have a couple more of her books on my TBR that I want to try before I make up my mind. You already know I'm also in LOVE with Suma's writing. Automatic read.

    I think my more recent favorite authors (as in, I'll read anything they ever wrote down to their grocery lists if they choose to publish them) are Erin Callahan (of course!), Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant (obvs. because I rave about her all the time), and Laini Taylor (beautiful, beautiful prose). Those are on top of the ten or so I had before... The lists never get smaller, do they? It's kind of a wonderful problem to have.

    1. I ADORED Bick's Dark Passages duology, but of course, it's not for everyone. I mean, just look at the reviews. Those who rate it low often say that they lost their way through the book in some way or another. But I would so like for you to try it because I'm sure you'd have so many thoughts about it, though I wonder what they would be 😄. It's so meta, and still...the characters feel so real. Plus, the horror and tension are top-notch (I mean, they are to me. You obviously have read so many more books than me with horror and tension in them 😉).

      And YAY! I'm so happy I put Erin on your radar. And I'm trying to dabble in McGuire's books a little more (since you talked about Sparrow Hill Road). As for Taylor, it's just that, when I read sentences like "beautiful, haunted Akiva fixes fiery eyes on her in an alley in Marrakesh" in a blurb, I run 😂. The rest of the blurb is captivating as hell (even if I don't read much fantasy, but since this is urban...), but any mention of instalove with a beautiful, mysterious stranger makes me flee...I'm sure her writing is beautiful because I do trust you (especially about style and structure 😉), but there are tropes I can't physically bring myself to manage to convince me otherwise 😂.

  8. White Space is one of the books on my list, per your recommendation probably! Meta can really work for me if it's done well, and while I didn't love Draw the Dark, I did like how weird and twisty it was. I'm willing to keep an open mind. Also Ashes because, of course, zombies.

    Me too! I have a whole list of people who need a copy of The Art of Escaping when it comes out. Bahaha! That's a fair point about Taylor. The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy does have a major problem with instalove, and that romance is one of my least favorite things about the series. (Weirdly, I love the side romance her best friend has though?) I know you're more romance-averse than I am, so I probably wouldn't push you to read that one. It's hard to get past it. It's unfortunate though because the world-building is so, so cool. I haven't read Strange The Dreamer yet, but I'm hoping it resolves that issue. Maybe it will turn out to be a better Taylor book for you. :]

    1. Quote: "It's unfortunate though because the world-building is so, so cool."
      It does sound like it is! Shame, uh? But maybe you can fish out a Taylor book for me in the near future 😉.


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