November 29, 2014

Discussion Post: Are Social Media Relevant for Bloggers?

Hi my lovelies!
I've been thinking, lately. (Well, actually, I'm always thinking - a lot - but this time it was about a specific topic LOL).

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It looks like anyone in the book blogging area has some social media handles - Twitter (a book bloggers' favourite, maybe because it's the most productive in terms of reader-author interaction), Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it. Plus Goodreads and the like of course...though those are more like personal archives for books and an easy way to get info about them than places where you get social.
Someone like me, with only a blog and a Goodreads account to her (or his) name, is a black swan.

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The reason why I stay away from social media?
1. they're too time-consuming.
2. everyone talks, only a few listen.
3. more often than not, such talk is idle.
(I'm such a half-full-glass type of person LOL).

Say hello to average social media user ;D
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I'm curious though. Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe I don't have the time to commit to a specific social media, but this doesn't mean I couldn't benefit from it if I did. Maybe I should find the time.
So, here go my questions for those of you who have a social profile (everyone? ^_^):
1. are social media relevant for a book blogger?
2. do they manage to convey more traffic to your blog?
3. do they really help when it comes to "befriending" authors, or are they more likely to create reasons for drama?
And in case you are like me, and stay away from Facebook, Twitter and the like...why?

"Facebook? I don't understand that reference"
(...that never gets old LOL).
Thanks to Giphy!


  1. Stumbled across your lovely blog! I have a Twitter ( that I rarely use ) but quite a few blogger friends follow me on there. And, interestingly enough, I've actually managed to befriend a few authors through FB and they've helped me promote my blog by doing interviews, giving me giveaways of their works and sharing my reviews when I review their work! FB is tried and true for me and I love using it. I don't know about the others you mentioned though, as I don't have them. =\

    Followed via Linky!

    Brittany @

    1. Hi! And I thought that Twitter was the most blogger-friendly social media. I had this impression that authors were more inclined to socialize with readers/bloggers via Twitter...But it sounds like FB has been good to you so far. It probably depends on the authors - maybe some of them prefer FB over T.
      Thank you for your input and the follow! I reciprocated :).

  2. I really only use Facebook to promote my blog. I find that a lot of indie authors like to use Facebook to communicate with authors, and I love that. I have arranged quite a few features for my blog through it. On the other hand, I have vowed to never get a Twitter. I do not think that I have the personality type to be in Twitter. I think that you really have to babysit a Twitter account and post very often to get any followers. Honestly, I would rather focus on writing blog posts than worrying about whether my tweets are funny.
    Thanks for the great discussion! I cannot wait to see what everyone else thinks!

    1. You made a very interesting point. Now that you make me think of it, tweets are indeed supposed to be funny - or smart at least...Also, your remark about having to babysit a Twitter account made me smile. Thanks for commenting!

      It's FB-T 2-0 for now then! ;)

  3. Hmm, well I have a Facebook account for my blog, but I never update it. I don't think it drove much traffic to my blog, but honestly I never tried that hard. And now Facebook messes with the way it shows pages, because they want people to pay to have the business pages seen.

    I love Twitter and Instagram, and I do post on both of those sites. Not everyday, but it's a great place to interact with other bloggers and authors. I also have a Tumblr page, but I only set it up as a lark and the only thing I post on there is Instagram pictures.

    I think social media can really help a blogger expand their audience, but it's hard work and time consuming. Twitter is the easiest to get involved with, and I use TweetDeck to follow specific groups (like I have a Bloggers BFF group that I add my favorite bloggers and authors in, so I can see their tweets, or during Readathon I'll add a column for #Readathon, or #BEA, etc). I like Instagram mostly because the people I follow love books, cats and coffee as much as I do. ;)

    1. Quote:
      "...and now Facebook messes with the way it shows pages, because they want people to pay to have the business pages seen".
      Oh-oh. Not good...

      You said the magic words..."hard work". I suppose it is. That's probably the main reason why I haven't gotten involved with any social media so far. I also have a fear that I wouldn't be able to stay away a day without feeling anxious or guilty. My ideal social media would be a not overly popular place, reasonably respectful of privacy, where one can cultivate meaningful relationships at the right pace...but I suppose something like that will never be seen :(.

  4. Your post made me laugh. ^.^ I kind of had the same stance as you not a few months ago, but recently I began to be pretty active on Twitter (maybe a few tweets a day, which others wouldn't consider so active >.>) My short answer would be: yes, it does bring more traffic to your blog, especially if your link is retweeted and such. Honestly the only reason I have a Twitter is because of my blog, and also because I am completely horrible at visiting other blogs and regularly commenting. Twitter provides an easier alternative to commenting, which, in hindsight, isn't the best way to go about commenting on other blogs, especially since this feature is kind of dying out amongst bloggers as social media is becoming more widespread.

    Regarding the drama, I personally haven't experienced any, but I have witnessed it, and it's not pretty. Most of the drama starts on Twitter, and the 140-character limit usually makes things worse.

    In the past few months, I haven't fallen into a Twitter addiction, but that's mostly because I'm pretty good with avoiding addictions in general. For me Goodreads is more of a time-consumer, so if you can control yourself on there, I think you'll be fine with controlling your time on Twitter. As for other outlets, the only other one I use for the blog is Instagram, and I'm rarely on there, mostly because it bores me to death after scrolling for a few minutes. XD

    All in all, social media is great for keeping in touch with other bloggers and widening your reach, and as long as you don't waste too much time on them, it can be a great tool for your blog. :D

    1. Wow, great and thorough response. I'll think about it. Thanks!

  5. I have Twitter (which I LOVE) Facebook (I'm about to dump it) and Google + (long abandoned). I used to sign up to all of them for the blog but it's exhausting and not fun.

    I do think they drive traffic to the blog.This is just my experience but Twitter seems to be the most beneficial for that purpose. Both for people finding my blog and for me finding new blogs to follow. I see a link to something that grabs my interest and it's just so easier to click over. It's like impulse clicking I guess. I would have never found it any other way since I stick to what I think I would like but other people are retweeting posts I wouldn't have considered on my own.

    I also find it fun to connect with authors/readers on there. I would say about 50-70% of my new author/book discoveries are from twitter.

    No doubt there is drama though. I've started dropping people from my feed if they are drama llamas or if there's a lot of promotional tweeting. I like to actually talk about stuff not just promo my blog.

    Facebook has done nothing for me really. I added it as a courtesy to followers who asked for it but I don't enjoy it so I think I'm dropping it next year. I end up just posting links and not chatting with anyone which is boring for me.

    For some reason I barely go on Goodreads except to catalogue what I've read.

    Do whatever platforms you enjoy - or don't - if you don't enjoy it or that will show too. I use my twitter account to connect to friends not really as a tool for my blog. If you're authentic and talk about what you enjoy (on any social media platform) that comes through more than *trying* to push your blog and gain followers.

    Great thoughtful post Roberta!

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Great thoughtful response Karen! And great advice. I love you :).

  6. Up until 12 months ago, I basically only had my blog and Goodreads as well. I wasn't interested in social media. It's only been the last 6 or so months that I've started using Twitter and quite a bit. Apart from using Pinterest (which is not blog related), Twitter is my only other social media outlet and I find that's enough for me. I can interact with bloggers, authors, but I also use it to ask my internet provider a question, I can find see why they electricity in my area has gone off etc. So I can use it far beyond my blog and also as a source of news somewhat as well.

    If I had to do it all again, the only platform I'd go with is Twitter, and be choosy who you follow as well. Some just Tweet links and don't interact and it's really all about the social.

    If you DO decide to join us, I'm at @divainpyjamas and I promise not to spam you :D

    1. LOL thanks - and cute nickname too!
      I hear you about just tweeting links - though I'm not on the site, I've lurked from the shadows occasionally, and I've seen a lot of that. Using Twitter properly seems like a huge commitment though. I'll have to think about that. Thanks again for now!


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