November 01, 2014

Coming Soon...Blog Tour, Screen Time #2 and Discussion Post!

Hey lovelies!
I sort of missed the Halloween excitement this year. Most blogs were doing themed pieces, and I stayed quiet instead (if you don't count my review for Christopher Pike's horror novel The Season of Passage a few days ago). Maybe next year...Because I've been busy putting my next posts together lately. What about a sneak peek?

First off, I'm participating in my very first blog tour on November 7! It's about the reissue of my beloved afterlife-or-such/paranormal novel Deadgirl by B.C. Johnson. Yeah, right - that one. I may have expressed my feelings in a couple of articles, these last 18 months or so. Or in half a dozen. But who's counting.

On November 16, I'll post the second installment of my Screen Time feature. I originally wanted to do Haven, but I changed my mind, since S.5 is already on air in the U.S., and we've only seen S.4 in Italy so far. So I switched onto Under the Dome, whose 2nd season has been broadcasted here this summer, just like in America, with only a three-week delay. I hope it will make for a more interesting conversation ;).

Last but not least, I have a discussion post drafted, about social media and their relevance to the blogging world. It should go live on November 29.
So feel free to stop by in the upcoming weeks and join the fun!


  1. I love your enthusiasm for Deadgirl! Keep talking about it :-))

    I watched the first season of Haven but then stopped. I guess I should catch up at some point. I keep seeing eh commercials for this seasons eps.

    1. Oops, I've been fangirling. LOL. Thanks for endorsing my stance about DG :).

      This season of Haven must feel kind of odd, I suppose, with Audrey "replaced" by evil Mara. I guess we'll only see it next summer or so in Italy. The show is a bit cheesy, I have to admit - but I love all things out of ordinary, so it appeals to me ;).


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