January 02, 2017

Taste the Books: Review Morsels #3 Patrick Ness, Robin Wasserman, E.S.Wesley


Hello beauties!

Welcome again to my own brand of mini reviews! I never thought I'd do minis, until I recapped a few of my long reviews in some digest post in 2014, and then guest-posted some shorties for a blogging event in 2015. And Karen from For What It's Worth started praising my short recs/recaps 😊. Just to be clear,  I'm NOT taking a break from writing long reviews - no such luck LOL. But while I'm making up my mind about a new book I've read, I might as well give you the short version 😉 Just be warned - this feature will be VERY random! So, here goes...

More Than This by Patrick Ness


Rated 3.5 really

I loved the first section to bits - yes, the one where Seth dies, or maybe not. The one where he's all alone in a place that might or might not be a post-apocalyptic world, or a private afterlife, or a coma dream. The one where he reminisces and discovers and ponders and is brave and afraid. Until the book shifted, and I still loved it but just slightly less. And until the book shifted again, and impossibilities started piling up, and the characters - well, Seth - started doubting their own reality. And I started doing that, too. This is not metafiction (...or is it?) - because metafiction I can actually understand AND love. It's like the characters in the end are just props to convey a message, and the message is in the very title, so you don't even need to read the book for that to sink in.

Three reads and I don't know what to think of this book yet. Except kudos for the realistic, unapologetic representation of a gay relationship.

Full review to come one day... (Goodreads pre-review)

The Waking Dark by Robin Wasserman


Rated 3.5 really

Not at all what I expected. Which might not have been a bad thing, except that, when revealed, I didn't buy the premise in the first place.
The writing is strong, like I knew it would be, since I read Wasserman's Cold Awakening trilogy (so much love for this series, and I strongly recommend it, if you're not afraid of unlikeable protagonists). And I was well aware of The Waking Dark being a horror book. But it was SO gloomy. I understand that the point is to highlight the madness and potential violence that lies under pretty much everyone's facade, regardless of a "something" that may taint the innocents too (...except maybe no one is truly innocent). I understand that there can't be positive heroes in this book. I understand that each and every character is trapped in their own sins, fears, dark dreams. But I didn't particularly connect with any of them, except Cass maybe. And the thing is, I closed The Waking Dark feeling like there was no hope left - not really. Not what I needed right now.

WARNING: this is mature YA. The violence is full-blown, though we are spared the most graphic details (I think? um, not always...).

Full review to come. (Goodreads pre-review)

The Outs by E.S. Wesley


OK, as a rule, I never play this game - but the only way I can describe this one is Fringe meets Supernatural. Which, if you know me, it's meant as a compliment 😊. On one hand you have hubris and madness and misguided parental love - on the other, living nightmares and monsters and sacrifice. In the middle, two damaged teens who royally screwed up a lot of things, but bravely try to set them right again and to save each other's ass. And Kitzi - her struggle with aphasia, her love for comics books and superheroes, her loyalty, her pain, her strength - is guaranteed to snuggle into your hearts.

Full review to come closer to publication date. (Goodreads pre-review)

Note: The Outs is coming out on Jan 24th, and I requested a review copy from the folks at Curiosity Quills Press, who graciously agreed to send me a PDF. Thank you!

So, have you read/are you planning to read any of the above? And if you have what do you think of them? Do you post mini reviews? Do you like to read them?


  1. I have The Waking Dark and you're review made me want to read it even more. But I can see what you'r saying about the gloominess being too much right now.

    And I'm still interested in The Outs.

    And I DO love your mini's! You are seriously good at them. Everything I need to know about the book and your opinion in one little *morsel*.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. It's funny, because when I write a full review I'm always so wordy. I try not to, but I always lose LOL. Well, thank you! also because I started considering the idea of doing minis because of your encouragemnt :).

      The Outs is good and different. Go for it!


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