September 05, 2016

Book Spotlight: "Naming the Stars" by Susan Koefod

  Curiosity Quills Press presents:
"Naming the Stars" by Susan Koefod

Today marks the release date for Susan Koefod's YA novel "Naming the Stars". It's contemporary with a magical realism angle (the kind of book I call "Contemporary with a Twist"). While waiting for my review (which should be up in a couple of weeks), here's the book ID...

Out now!
Naming the Stars

Genres: Contemporary, Magical Realism
Age Category: Young Adult
Release Date: September 5, 2016
Add on Goodreads: Naming the Stars
Buy on Amazon: Naming the Stars (Kindle Version) | Naming the Stars (Paperback Version)

16-year-old Mary-Louise comes home from swimming lessons one day to find she is absent from family photographs, her bedroom has turned into a linen closet, and all of her possessions have disappeared. More troubling, her family goes on as if she never existed. The only person in town who can actually see her is a boy she calls Fish, a YMCA swimming instructor, but Fish is hiding from a troubled past and the person he sees is entirely different from who she thought she was.

The girl he sees is entirely different from the insecure, unattractive girl Mary-Louise thinks of herself. The teens discover the photo of a spirited, beautiful young woman photographed many years before - Pearl - who exactly resembles the girl Fish sees. The truth about Pearl’s identity is the key to discovering why Mary-Louise has disappeared and why Fish left home, but his fears of being discovered are preventing him from helping Mary-Louise, after all, no one can see or hear her.

This coming-of-age story explores the important and often fragile connection between the roles we play in others’ lives - as siblings, children, friends, and partners - and the unique identity we must find in ourselves.

About Susan Koefod:

A native Minnesotan, Susan Koefod is an award-winning novelist. Her Arvo Thorson mystery series was praised by Library Journal as “a smashing debut with astute observations and gorgeous prose.” She has also widely published prose and poetry, including placing short stories in national magazines and anthologies. NAMING THE STARS is her young adult debut. She holds an M.F.A. in writing from Hamline University, and lives with her family in West St. Paul, Minnesota.

You can find and contact Susan Koefod here:


  1. What a pretty cover! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts Roberta.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  2. Phew, I accidentally removed your comment but found a way to restore it (minus the avatar).

    Pretty cover indeed, though I don't think it fits the content that accurately.

    I hope to have my review up around the 19th (now I said that! it's like a promise! LOL).

  3. This sounds interesting! Anything with a mysterious disappearance and a beautiful cover catches my eye. I have been trying to read more magical realism, so this might be perfect for me right now. I cannot wait to see what you have to say in your book review too.


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