June 29, 2013

Wanna Know Me a Little Better? ;)

Hi followers and occasional readers!

I am honoured to be the latest guest in Sunny Duvall's "Presenting a Blogger" series. Sunny is the sweet and proud owner of the Blue Sky Bookshelf

She posted her fun questions, and what I hope were my equally fun answers, here

I feel particularly exhilarated, since this is my very first interview - but not the last, I hope (hint hint - if anyone is interested, I'll be happy to do this again in the future. Especially if your questions are as good as Sunny's!).


  1. such an awesome interview!a friend of mine is doing something similar in the future interviewing bloggers who work hard at reviewing books, I suppose he feels as though us bloggers don't get enough credit. If you're interested maybe you could check it out :)

    I'm actually considering doing something similar in the near future because i'd like to reach out to more international bloggers, after all we do run a multi cultural blog, and what would be more multi cultural than interviewing book bloggers from around the world!If we get this up and running you'll be the first!Because you're our favorite :)

    1. First off, thanks! *smiles broadly* I'll be glad to do that. And I did read your post about that friend of yours who's going to interview bloggers. I put it on hold for now, because I'm trying to concentrate on reviews and such and I need to start working seriously on a wider fan base - but I plan on contacting him in the future.


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