July 07, 2019

Tooting Your Trumpet #2

Some people toot their own trumpet. I mean to toot yours. On the first Sunday of every month, I'm sharing your posts, your sites, anything interesting I stumble upon during my internet vagrancies. This month on TYT...
  • DEATH'S DAUGHTER (a short story by my writer friend Fanni that got recently published)
  • FLIPPED  by Wendelin Van Draanen (a book review for that rare thing called a MG/YA crossover on Shayna's blog Clockwork Bibliotheca)
  • GENRE SNOBBERY IS A BITCH (a witty and articulated discussion post on The Orangutan Librarian's blog)
  •  HOW DO YOU KEEP GOING WHEN BLOGGING FEELS LIKE TOO MUCH? (a TMST discussion post on Karen's blog For What It's Worth) 
Please note: all the graphics featured in these posts are property of the blog/site owners, and are only used in association with their blog/site links (except the Death's Daughter pic, which I took myself).


Death's Daughter (book) - by Fanni SutΓΆ

See what I did here? Trumpet. Am I clever or not? 😜
Well, actually...I didn't plan it. I used the trumpet for my pic because it was the only thing I had that (almost) matched the book LOL. Only later did I realise I had, quite by chance, done something "brilliant". And - welcome to my usual amateurish photo...I did try, folks. I swear I did πŸ˜“.
Anyway, my friend Fanni SutΓΆ is a budding author with a bunch of WIPs, who, while working on her future masterpieces, publishes (or shares on the internet sometimes) awesome short and mini-fiction. Selcouth Station put forth one of her most haunting short stories, that you can purchase following the link above. My copy came in the mail as a gift, with a very sweet dedication. Fanni is a teacher, a Doctor Who and David Tennant fan (but also a Tom Hiddleston and Neil Gaiman one), and an all-around wonderful person. Talk to her on Twitter if you like (@Fanni_Pumpkin) - I'm sure she'll be delighted!


Flipped (book review) - by Shayna

Shayna (a.k.a. Prototype_SR04) is a librarian who blogs at Clockwork Bibliotheca. Very quietly, I have to say πŸ˜‰. That's why you may not have heard of her so far. She talks about movies, TV series and - of course - books. She's also very nice and friendly, so don't be afraid to say hi! You might as well follow the link above and read her review of Flipped, that will give you a taste of her style and (maybe) introduce you to one of those rarities called "lover YA"...or "upper MG" maybe?


Genre Snobbery Is a Bitch (think piece/discussion post) - by The Orangutan Librarian

I've only recently stumbled on the Orangutan Librarian's blog, full of original, funny graphics and witty, but laid back posts.The mind behind the blog is quite mysterious, insomuch as there's no bio or info on their blog - but that's understandable, what with the blog's owner being...well, officially an orangutan πŸ˜‰. One of their latest discussion post (the one that introduced me to their blog) is linked above.


How Do You Keep Going When Blogging Feels Like Too Much? (discussion post) - by Karen

Karen has been blogging for almost 10 years now (yup! go ahead and congratulate her!), and who better than her to give you advice about blogging burnout and learning to blog for fun? I did participate in that round of the TMST meme too, but her post is much more on point and useful if you're struggling with blogging. The best thing is, she didn't write a "tip" post - it's not her style, really - but I'm sure you'll find it all the more helpful for that.


That's all for now folks! See you the first Sunday of every month for more!


  1. Aww thank you! I'm grinning from ear to ear over here. I probably should change it from Prototype_SR04 (I keep forgetting it makes it harder for people to recognize it is me), but it is from my original blogging days (poetry/creative writing) and so I hesitate to let it go - I'm sentimental!
    I love this feature though, because, even if I wasn't being featured ;) it gives me a direct link to some new blogs, especially through some interesting snapshots of their posts.

    1. Hehe, your return was SO timely! I'm glad I made you happy, and I hope my little mention will bring you some new visitors! But SPOILER - it doesn't end here...I have a TMST post coming that you might like *grins*.

    2. I await it impatiently! You now have me excited!

  2. Nice post! I am always screaming about Flipped, and as a matter of fact, the author's other books are wonderful too.

    1. It does seem like it's (or it was) under-hyped YA, doesn't it? Of course it's an "old" book, but it doesn't have a ton of GR reviews either.

  3. I think I had Flipped on a TBR list because I had liked another book of hers. Now that I'm making use of the library more - I'll look for it.

    And thank you for including me for a SECOND trumpet toot! lol

    I love your photo btw! Very nice!

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. It's not my fault that you're writing tootable posts πŸ˜‰.

      Thanks! Though I personally don't like it how Fanni's book in my pic looks skewed...but I can always say I did it on purpose to make the whole thing look artsy LOL.


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