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Dead is the new beginning. 


As I said elsewhere, my interest in "Dead Girl Books" was sparked by Remember Me by Christopher Pike, around 1998 I think. It's nothing morbid of course - I just love them reliving moments of their life, or trying to find out how they ended up dead in the first place. Or coming back to life sometimes LOL.
Well, now that I think of it...are there "Dead Boy Books"?* I don't think so. Girls sell much better, I guess. But it would be refreshing to read about a dead boy for a change. (Hmm. This sentence doesn't sound so dealing with death were fun or something. But of course, it's novels we are talking about here).
The Afterlife Room is dedicated to novels where the main lead is dead...or undead - or novels where there's a conspicuous afterlife setting...while, for example, I'll put a novel like Anna Dressed in Blood in the Supernatural Room, because she isn't the main character there (plus the book doesn't actually follow her through her afterlife reality). Also, I'll put the Vampire Innocent series here, because the main character actually dies and comes back as a vampire, but I won't apply the Afterlife tag to the Thirst series because the lead's transformation into a vampire doesn't seem to involve actual dying. I hope this won't end up confusing the hell out of you - but nope, you're too smart for that of course 😉.
Here is a list of the novels I own and the ones I plan to read (the latter are in bold). The books are listed by authors' surnames. Reviews (and more titles) coming in time. For the above mentioned Remember Me, please enter Christopher Pike Room.
(You might also be interested in this post: A Reader's Quirks #4: You, Irresistible Afterlife Novel).

*Note: it's Feb. '14 now, and I've found one at least...that is, two...the Haunt duology by Curtis Joblin.

Bérubé, Amelinda: The Ones Who Come Back Hungry (out ??/24)
Case, Jamie: Death and Other Excuses (out ??/??)
Carter, T.E.: I Stop Somewhere (02/18)
   The Girl from the Well (08/14)
   The Suffering (08/15)
   A Nighttime of Forever [NA] (02/18)
   A Beginner's Guide to Fangs [NA] (04/18)
Friesen, Jonathan: Mayday (04/14)
Harrison, Kate: SOUL BEACH:
   Soul Beach (07/11)
   Soul Fire (07/12)
   Soul Storm (08/13)
Huntley, Amy: The Everafter (09/09)
James, Lauren: The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stoker (09/20)
Johnson, B.C.: DEADGIRL:
   Deadgirl (04/12; reissue 11/14)
   Deadgirl: Ghostlight (05/16)
   Deadgirl: Goneward (05/17)
   Daphne [tie-in novella] (12/18)
   Deadgirl: Daybreak (02/24)
   Deadgirl: Gravedust (out 08/24)
McGuire, Seanan: Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day [NA] (01/17)
Reed, Michelle E.: ATMAN CITY:
   Life, After Dez & Missing In Atman (12/13 & 12/14) -> [I did a joint review for them
Sabatini, Kimberly: Touching the Surface (10/12)
Scott, Victoria: Four Houses (06/11 - enhanced and reissued 07/14)
Schmitt, Sarah J.: It's a Wonderful Death (10/15)
Snyder, C.W.: THE BALANCE:
   Child of Nod [YA/NA/Adult crossover] (11/17)
   Queen of Nod [NA/Adult crossover] (11/18)
   Goddess of Nod [Adult] (01/21)
Stokes, Stacy: Where the Staircase Ends (04/15)
Sutton, Kelsey: Smoke and Key (04/19)
Wallace, Kali: Shallow Graves (01/16)
Warman, Jessica: Between (08/11)
Williams, Katie: Absent (05/13)

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