July 28, 2017

Author Interview: Fanni Sütő

Londemonium mock cover
Hello my darlings! 
Today I'm sitting with short-story author and aspiring novelist  Fanni Sütő, whom I've recently met on Twitter via a common passion for Doctor Who, and more specifically, David Tennant 😀 (you know me and David, right? But I digress....). During this interview, you'll see that the DW reference is actually integral to Fanni's approach to writing, since the worlds she creates are often (if loosely) inspired by the show, and populated by characters who slightly resemble a few Doctor Who cast members. And no, before you shake your head, I'm NOT talking about fan fiction here. I'm talking about inspiration and atmosphere. I will redirect you to some of Fanni's writing in a few paragraphs, but before I do that - and before the actual interview takes place - let's have a look at one of her works-in-progress...

Another mock cover
Novel vitals by the author: Londemonium is an urban fantasy, set in a world where Hell is a multicultural, global enterprise, sprawling in its own dimension like an infernal version of London.
Gregor is a German computer programmer whose girlfriend, Irene gets abducted by a young demon during their London trip. The ever calm and rational Gregor embarks on a fantastical journey to recover Irene from Hell. His story is a version of the Orpheus myth with a twist.
Molly, the other main protagonist, is a feisty Irish biologist whose research partner gets spirited away. She also finds a passage to underworld just to discover her secret heritage as one of the descendants of the Sidhe, the Irish fairy folk.
Aiko is an English-Japanese girl who comes to live with her drunkard father because it’s still a better option than staying under the same roof as her mother’s new boyfriend. She sees visions of a mysterious woman in white.
Raphael is an immigrant angel. He arrived from Heaven and works hard as a police intern to get accepted. His task is to round up a dangerous journalist who threatens to expose the secrets of Hell.
Londemonium is about how the lives of these four characters intermingle. Gregor and Molly end up in a flat share with Demi, the demon who got their friends. Aiko meets Rei, the majestic fox demon who helps her deal with her rage. The same Rei is Raphael’s superior who tries to help him get his naturalisation.
For the story’s aesthetic, feel free to check out my Pinterest board and Spotify playlist.

Fanni Süto

Dream cast for Londemonium

Interview: If you could place your main character in any other fictional world, which would they most enjoy?

My first novel, Londemonium, is set in an alternative world where Hell (and partly Heaven) play a considerable role, so I think if my characters found themselves in the universe of Supernatural, they would know what to do with themselves. (Also, I’ve been binge watching the show last summer, so I’m a bit obsessed 😃).

Londemonium quote...starring David Tennant
(who loosely inspired Luke Seyton, the villain in this story!)

In your most current work, are there dangers your characters face that you couldn’t handle yourself? How would you respond instead?

Unfortunately, I’m not too courageous, so I wouldn’t make a very good YA character. I’d probably sit around a lot more and try to figure out something instead of rushing into action.

Do you have a favourite scene or line you’ve written?

Probably a lot but this is what suddenly came to mind:

“I am sorry,” Aiko said in a thin voice. “I got lost.”
“Aren’t we all lost?” asked the woman. Her melodious voice was like wind in the bamboo groves.
“How could you be lost? You’re grown up.”
“Oh, dear Aiko, you will soon learn that it is only the adults who can get lost truly and desperately.”

(From Londemonium)

Are there terms in your book that readers might be unfamiliar with? Can you explain some of these?

“Badfather” is a Hell equivalent of “godfather.” (Obviously they try to avoid words with “god” in them.) “Pillow” is the term used for newly immigrated angels because of the way they were losing their feathers like a torn pillow.

Meet Luke Seyton again 😉
What would be your hero’s favorite real-world book? Your villain’s?
The protagonist of my novel Londemonium is a very shy and practical German guy with the dreamy heart of a musician. He is also a bit of a geek. He would probably read some encyclopaedia of obscure bands from the 70s or maybe Scott Pilgrim. My “villain”, who is not really a villain, I mean just because he is the Devil, he is not necessarily mean... He is obsessed with cult films so I think he would read the novel on which The Godfather was based.

Thank you Fanni for sharing a little insight into your current WIP. You honestly got me curious and excited about Londemonium, so I hope you get to finish it soon and start to query! And of course, good luck with it in advance!

About the Author:

Fanni Sütő (1990) writes poetry, short stories and a growing number of novels-in-progress. She publishes in English and Hungarian and finds inspiration in reading, paintings and music. She writes about everything which comes in her way or goes bump in the night. Her heaven would be a library with an endless supply of coffee latte, cupcakes and Dr. Who episodes. She tries to find the magical in the everyday and likes to spy on the secret life of cities and their inhabitants.
Publications include: The Casket of Fictional Delights, Tincture Journal, Enchanted Conversation. Fundead Publications.
She is very happy to do collaborations, art exchanges, cross-art projects, so if you’re interested in such things, please get in touch.

Note: you can read some of Fanni Sütő's short stories and poems on her site (see below).

Find Fanni Sütő Online:


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    1. LOL, I hope you will be able to do that soon!

    2. Thank you Carrie!
      The pressure is rising... I think I should really throw out the internet and all the distractions and finish it... :D

    3. Re: internet and all the distractions: Which includes the many Davids and Toms and Daniels ;D. And my Doctor Who tweets of course bwahahaha.

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    1. Sure, why not :). Pleased to meet you!

  3. Oh this sounds fun! Thanks for sharing Roberta and great interview ladies.

    For What It's Worth

    1. I hope Fanni makes it, not only because she's a friend, but because frankly, I want this one to hit the shelves :).

  4. This sounds awesome!!! Great interview, both of you!

    1. Hehe. It does...for many reasons! 😉


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