June 18, 2017

How to Be an Absolutely Unreliable Blogger: Lesson No.1

Oh, dear me, where did MY time go. I SO need a TARDIS.

My latest adventure in blogging is dated May 26th. Let me do the math...um...ah...it's been MORE THAN 3 FRIGGIN' WEEKS *cowers*.

The fact is...I've been involved in some behind-the-scenes activity (beta-reading, some of it still in progress) and I haven't had the time to read any book for review. I spent the latter 3 or 4 days catching up on B.C. Johnson's novel Djinn & Tonic on Inkitt, but since it's been entered in a contest and has a limited number of free reads available, I suppose there's no point in reviewing it on the blog (as of now, though, there are still a number of reads you can snatch - so if you're curious, here it is). And I DO have books to read and review - only they're all on my hard-drive, so it's not exactly portable magic, Mr. King 😉.

Also...as usual...adulting gets in the way, and work consumes what little time remains. Not to mention, enduring the summer gets harder and harder for me. We've been experiencing a sudden blast of heat these latest days, and aside from the climate itself, the older I grow, the worse my body responds to the challenge. My legs cramp and ache, my head gets numb and aims for laziness beyond all things. It's a lose-lose situation.

Anyway, my boss will be away for 3 days starting tomorrow, so I'll definitely make the most of it *rubs hands*. He deserves that and more - and I'm safe while saying so because he has no idea I have a blog, let alone any kind of social account...plus, he absolutely sucks at English. He would need his daughter to translate for him, but then again, he doesn't know squat about my secret life. I've learned to play the dumb (and innocent) card when it suits me. Survival technique at its best 😉. So well, I'll be still doing backstage work, so to speak (I have the ARC of Edward Aubry's Static Mayhem on my virtual hands 😀), but at least I'll make a small step for my blog, a giant step for my sanity 👍...


  1. Pesky boss!

    It is so hot and humid right now here! Kevin and I were very cranky today lol

    For What It's Worth

    1. You joined the Figgy squad then! ;D

      Bosses all the world over should know that employers only give their best if they're paid and regarded as they should. Otherwise, it's a game of stab-you-in-the-back-while-you're-not-looking *grins evilly*.

  2. Oooh three days- I hope you managed to make the most out of those, Roby! If it were me, I would have no doubt spent one day being excited about all the time I have, the other day being lazy in general and the third moping about how fast time flies... *gallops away*

    1. Haha, more or less. But I managed to email an author, message a new friend on GR (LOOONG message), read/comment on a few posts and READ. And today...back to normal *sighs*.


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