May 19, 2014

On Hiatus from Memes...Behind on Reviews...But Prepping My Armchair BEA Introduction!

Looks like I'm popular, after all *scratches head*
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So, I've finally realised I'm not cut out for memes.
Apart from the (long gone, and one of a kind) Book Blogger Confessions experience, I've never ventured into the meme world, with the notable exception of the Sunday Post (hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer). And even then, I opted for my own Monthly Edition, as opposed to the regular weekly feature. Well - it's been three months and I'm worn out already. The sad truth is, in the long run, schedules are not my thing. I can join a challenge or a time-limited event, but having to deal with an endless series of deadlines makes my skin itch. Also, I want to branch out, meet new bloggers, out of the meme scheme. That's why I feel more affinity with one-shot events like the upcoming Armchair BEA. Which reminds me...I still have to work on my posts, and time is running out! So, this is just a random piece with the aim of:
  1. letting you all know I'm still alive and kicking (on second thoughts...I've had better kicking days...);
  2. officially resigning from memes (at least for the time being);
  3. apologizing for my lack of reviews (but they'll be back next month!);
  4. ...and making a date with you for May 26 - the first day of Armchair BEA! *runs off to write her introduction post*


  1. I'm going to BEA but I always get a little jealous when I get back and see all the Armchair BEA posts. You guys get to interact and learn so much more than I do at the actual BEA!

    I'm not whining though - I do realize the wonderful perks I receive for going but you know what I mean. There's very little time to do much more than shuffle from line to line.

    1. This being my very first Armchair BEA, I don't really know what to expect...well, fun maybe? I hope...Also, to get to know other bloggers and possibly make new friends. All while you're killing your feet while standing in those lines LOL.
      I look forward to your BEA tales of course!

  2. I participate in two memes right now-Sunday Post, which I really enjoy doing because it helps me stay organized, and then The Top Ten Tuesday meme, which I'm using as a networking tool (planning on doing this until the end of the year and then I'll let it go). I actually thrive on schedules, and have my blog posts scheduled out until the end of the year, lol. They're not all written out, but I have titles/ideas all lined up. But, you have to do whatever works best for you :)

    1. "Blog posts scheduled out until the end of the year"??? O_O *first vacillates, then hits the floor with a loud thump*
      Can I envy you just a little? because I actually like to plan things out, but up to a point, or only certain things maybe...It looks like I need a more relaxed approach when it comes to blogging. I found out that, if I have to adhere to a schedule, the fun goes out of the windows...One of the things I vowed to do this year was to interact more with other bloggers, and I thought that a meme would help. But I found out that temporary events work better for me. It's a smaller degree of pressure that I can withstand more easily, because it's concentrated in a few days - after which I can breathe again...I get to know people better, to comment more easily, and to stress myself out far less LOL.
      Having said this...congrats for being so organized and strong enough not to succumb to pressure!

  3. According to this post, lots of bloggers who are big & I'd thought of as popular aren't. But some choose to feature bloggers or something in the meme so they don't even really write it, not they do the linky work & stuff so they deserve to host it. Hosting meme's, when they get big, is very advantageous. Not that I'm doing it or encouraging you to either... yet.
    I decided I could pop in, busy ol' me XD Guess I had to live up to that 'sweet' & thanks for commenting on my blog too. I know you can't wait for WFKC review so that's why I posted on Goodreads. Has nobody ever really called you lovely? How strange XD
    I'll introduce you to Fi but first gal gotta comment on this post s'more.
    1) I hope you're alright, not just alive... I feel like I've had better too but hopefully for both better will come again <3 Whether it's as good as the best remains to be seen. You still seem somewhat active, moreso than me, so I can't complain.
    2) I don't do them as regularly but enjoy most when I do. If I don't, I just never do it again. My fave at the mo has to be Cat Thursday which I try to do bimonthly, just enough time to get more stuff about my cat XD I miss the BBC meme too :P Do a discussion post? In fact, I've got half-term coming up next week & if you're not as busy, I'd love to do a joint one with which you can post here if you want as a like half "guest review". Send me a message on Goodreads or something x
    3) I'm actually getting better & am not stressing as much as I used to about posting them for every book I read. I now don't & you'll see a review idea I have, I've done it twice before but it's being brought back. Maybe you can guess what it is? :P Think I'm gonna do mini-reviews in between as well...
    4) I'll see you May 26, I don't think I'll be joining in but I may? Just hadn't considered it but an option & if I do decide to, you'll find out :P Anyway, I'll pop on for that date. OK? :D You've got a few holding you to that.

    This is Fi
    Everyone else, this is me

    1. Memes are so much work. I'm lazy ;). Well, no, not really. It's just that I prefer smaller (and time-limited) events...they're more manageable - and more intimate.

      Haha, I don't think I deserve to be called lovely. I'm so wild ;).

      Going to message you about the other stuff!

      Also...your links got are the right ones, for anyone who may be interested:
      Fi's blog
      Amys blog


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