February 08, 2014

Rambling on a Saturday (In Between Laundries)

So, have you ever noticed a pattern in your life? Like, it only stops raining in the weekends - so you have to tend to your laundry instead of enjoying a couple of days of freedom/rest/reading. Because that's precisely what happens with me. In alarming timely fashion.
No, that's not mine - but the resemblance is striking.
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But of course I refuse to let it interfere with a sneak into my pages. Both the read and the written ones :).
I've been up to some really exciting stuff lately - e.g., synchronizing my Goodreads book tags with the ones on my blog. This is one of the most illuminating examples of how I don't have a life. But on the other hand - of course - I do have lots of book lives, which is comforting...up to a point.
I've managed to read all the books in my latest haul, and alas, on the whole they were not as spectacular as the previous ones I purchased. We're talking about...
  1. ...a couple of 4 star specimens: Thirst No.5 by Christopher Pike and All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill (reviews to come);
  2. ...three books I gave 3.5 stars to (which is still good as far as I'm concerned, but of course, not mind-blowing): Fox Forever by Mary E. Pearson (my review here), Absent by Katie Williams (my review here) and Backwards by Todd Mitchell (review to come);
  3. ...an item I haven't made up my mind about yet: More Than This by Patrick Ness (review to come...when I have processed what I just read);
  4. ...a disappointing trilogy: Soul Beach by Kate Harrison (again...reviews to come).
I thought I had refined the art of carefully choosing a book, but alas, it looks like said art might need further improvement. On the other hand, for some of the above books there weren't tons of reviews, which is exactly the first requisite that qualifies them for my blog (although I occasionally review more popular books when they fit my bill). And no one of those reviews mentioned the things I wasn't able to stomach. I'm hinting at the Soul Beach trilogy here. Too many loose ends and convenient/unbelievable incidents. Granted, I'm probably the pickiest reader in the known world, but this series (and an afterlife one at that! you know me and afterlife, right?) was so disappointing. Serves me right for buying the whole trilogy package, instead of just trying the first installment before deciding to commit myself to it.

"Just DARE tear us apart."
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As of now, I'm rereading Lucid by Adrienne Stoltz and Ron Bass. I'm aware that most of you probably read this one when it came out - that is, a year and a half ago. Which is pretty ancient in terms of review books. But I 1) "only" read it twelve months ago; 2) have had some different blogging priorities till now; 3) decided this wasn't meant to be an in-vogue blog the very day I set it up. So yeah, review to come in a few days. And Soul Beach series critiques coming shortly after. In between laundries, of course.
Have a nice WE!


  1. I do not miss the days when we hung our laundry out, but I do miss the smell of clothes dried in the sun! Our neighbors that are behind us still put out their laundry, but I'm a dryer kind of gal these days.

    You know, I'm pretty good at picking out books that I will like, but every once and a while a book will surprise me- either in a good way or a bad way. For the most part I read what I want- the arc tours I do are ones I sign up for, and I only say yes to blog tours where I think I'll like the book (unlike my first year of blogging when I read a few books that I had no business reading but agreed to review simply because I was new and flattered to be asked). I read and review a wide variety of books, and while I read a lot of YA, I've never worried about sticking to a particular genre... which means that my blog will probably remain small in the following area, but that's okay. You have to read what you like.

    Hopefully, this month will bring some awesome 4 and 5 star reads your way!

    1. Oh, yeah, dryers. I'm so old fashioned LOL.

      I suppose having a bad book day (instead of a bad hair day) is to be expected, but the problem is, I actually bought those books. Chose them from a list of their peers. Obviously left some better ones behind. sniffs
      Oh well.

      I think your attitude is great. I've been asked too occasionally, but even at this stage, I don't feel like free-reading for the sake of it. It's not only because I hate to bring a book down...my main concern (trying to be honest here!) is that I want to read books I can hopefully commit to. Besides, if I decide to spotlight a book, it has to fit my bill, or this blog would lose its very purpose. On the other hand, I see what you mean about being widely genre-crossing. Both things can disorient readers. But you have a unique voice as a blogger, fresh and funny and passionate all in the same package, and I'm sure it pays :).

  2. More Than This, I really enjoyed that one it was so unusual and philosophical! I still don't know what it was a reference to though. Thanks for your rundown on the books you are reading! I haven't heard of most of them.

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    1. I'll have to read that one again and make up my mind LOL. Definitely unusual, but...???

      Thank you for stopping by :).


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