April 24, 2020

Book Spotlight: "The Glowing" by Tom Rimer

  Shadow Spark Publishing presents:
"The Glowing" by Tom Rimer

May 4th marks the release date for Tom Rimer's YA novel "The Glowing". It's the first volume in the namesake sci-fi series, which I volunteered to spotlight because I wanted to help the author getting the word out, at this inconvenient time when writers can't go where they were supposed to in order to promote their books. (BTW: this is a debut book! everyone please welcome Tom Rimer in the authorverse!). Also, this series sounds really up my alley, so onto my TBR list it went! Here's the book ID...

Out on May 4th
The Glowing (The Glowing #1)

Genres: Sci-Fi, Alien Invasion
Age Category: Young Adult
Release Date: May 4, 2020
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Nice guys often finish last, but sometimes last is all that's left. Majestic Mount Greylock always cloaked the small Berkshire town of Adams in its shadow...until now. Until the skies illuminated. Until the Glowing began. When Kamryn Coe, her disheveled teacher, and a group of geeks that'd put a comic convention to shame witness the destruction of their hometown, they must combat a land teeming with drooling alien hordes, while Kam faces the truth of her own birth and its connection to the catastrophe unfolding around her. Time travel, extraterrestrials, humanity's end.


About Tom Rimer:

Tom Rimer is an author living in Massachusetts with his wife and two children. The Glowing (book one of an epic sci-fi trilogy) is his first novel. His short story “Clown” was published in 2016 as part of the horror anthology, 13 Tales to Give You Night Terrors. Right now, he's probably lost in an old bookshop. You can find him on Twitter, musing about what he finds funny and talking about all bookish things @RimerTom.

Tom Rimer's internet headquarters:


  1. Looks interesting! I'm guessing it had you a time travel? 🥰 I'll look forward to your review!


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