October 18, 2019

Cover Reveal: "The Infernal Machine" by C.W. Snyder

Welcome to a special, Halloween-friendly cover reveal...


You know, as a rule, I don't do reveals. Well, I don't do mass reveals, or reveals for books that I'm not interested in. So, when I do one, you know there's a solid reason behind that.
This time, we're looking at the cover for the new C.W. Snyder book - and I have a history with the author, since I reviewed the first two installments in his afterlife/fantasy/mythology series The Balance. So I jumped at the chance to reveal this particular cover...also because the book in question is on my TBR list. Of course it is. I wouldn't have revealed its cover otherwise.
So, here goes...

Out on Jan 21st, 2020
The Infernal Machine by C.W. Snyder

Title: The Infernal Machine

Author: C.W. Snyder

Genres: Adult Fantasy/Steampunk

Available from: January 21st, 2020

Publisher: Parliament House

Add on Goodreads: The Infernal Machine


Arthur White lived a simple life tending the dead in a quiet cemetery, until meeting a mysterious stranger known only as Mr. Black. In a few short hours, the stranger turns the groundskeeper’s life upside down, burdening Arthur with an immortal clockwork heart.

Over the course of years, Arthur works as Mr. Black’s right hand, doing the things the old warlock cannot dirty his hands with. The death of a mutual friend and the discovery of Lucifer’s cast-off heart catalyze them into action, setting off a global chase to recover the artifact and open the door to death.

Along the way, Arthur struggles with evils he’s committed, dreams of loss that plague him, and desperate loneliness that may be cured by the appearance of a mysterious new companion, Ava. But before they can get to know one another, they must confront a cult out to steal the heart for their own ends.

Before it’s over, Arthur, Ava, and Mr. Black will have to face who they are and what they’ve done, or perish in a brutal new world. Whatever remains from the ashes may be their only hope.

About C.W. Snyder:

C.W. Snyder is the author of Child of Nod, currently splitting his time between work and writing. He has worked as a system admin, developer, and project manager and authored several short stories, his most recent, “Mother Time, Father Death’, at Helios Quarterly. His literary influences include Roger Zelazny, Stephen King, and Robin Hobb.
Born and raised in Michigan, Clayton is a North Dakota transplant currently living in Bismarck with his wife and two dogs. He participates in several charitable works, including the Brave the Shave event for research for childhood cancer, and the local humane society.

Find C.W. Snyder Online:


  1. Hmm. I haven't yet made it to Queen of Nod, but it's on my shelf. This looks like it has some things in common with blending dark fairytales (major Oz vibes with the heart, plus Christian mythology with Lucifer). The cover is definitely eye-catching! I'll be interested to see what you think of it. ❤️🖤

    1. I was just told that pub date has been pushed back to January 21st (I made a late change to my post!), so you'll hear about it sooner than you think! I already have a digital ARC in my hands 😊.

  2. I hope this book lives up to your expectations, and the cover definitely has a good steampunk feel to it.

  3. Oh this sounds interesting!

    (Amber Elise @ Du Livre)

  4. Wow, that does have a rather foreboding steampunkish vibe to it!

  5. I love the teaser idea---fun way to do a cover reveal!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Thank you! Maybe it will become a trend, who knows 😉.


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