April 23, 2017

I Wish I Were More Productive, but Beta-Reading Is Hard Work

Hi, you by-default wonderful people!
("By default" because anyone who stops by my blog and takes the time to read has to be nothing short of wonderful, of course 😉).
Life is busy as usual at the mo, but I've just added a couple of lovely chores to my list...I've been asked to beta read-again for Erin Callahan (her first solo work The Art of Escaping, which I'm proud to have perused in one of its early stages, is hitting the shelves next year!) and her buddy author Troy H. Gardner (the two of them penned the Mad World series, which hopefully will return with the last 3 installments soon!).

This is not Erin. Or Troy. They are actually very patient. But above all, I'm not a bearded guy

I'm halfway through Erin's book now, and it hits so close to home. It's YA, by the way - working title The Fictionologist's Daughter. It started as a near-future dystopia, but after last November, it turned into an all-too-present reality snapshot. It's so on point you'll feel like crying. I mean, it will inspire you with the courage to resist and fight for the change - but if any of you ever wondered how the world has come thus far (in the worst sense of course), you'll find the harsh reality mirrored and accounted for in there. Throw in a wonderfully varied diverse cast who don't feel like they're featured for the sake of it, and you have a winner 👍.
Troy's novel Slasher Academy is NA (as in, 18-year-old-characters NA...not girls-going-to-college-and-getting-laid NA 😉) with a YA vibe, and a mix of comedy and horror (so he labeled it himself), which is a genre-blend I'm quite new to, plus I still have to start on it, since I want to finish Erin's book first - but having beta-read for Troy before (though it was YA), I'm sure I'm in for a treat!

So, I just meant to boost a couple of future releases early on (they're still being queried, but anyway - I have hope!), and to let you know that I may be even less productive than the usual, blog-wise. OK, I know...you wouldn't even have noticed LOL. I mean, I'm so random, it's like Doctor Who telling Amy he'll be right back and showing up 12 years late 😂. (Oooh, I incorporated Doctor Who in my post. How unexpected). But still...you've been warned 😉.


  1. *finds out beta-reader thinks book is on point*
    *does embarrassing victory dance around living room*

    And speaking of things that are on point, that GIF with the excited little writer chatting with her beta-reader and offering to read aloud to him totally nails it.

    Can't wait for you to read Troy's book so we can talk about how awesome it is!

    1. Haha - I forgot to point out that the GIF in question doesn't apply to you or Troy though (going to add it now, lest I'm giving someone the wrong impression about the two of you...I might scare some potential beta-readers away LOL).

      I would have liked to see that dance...;D

  2. That... that GIF. Your GIF game is getting on point. Us GIF squadlings must be influencing you. :D

  3. I really enjoy beta-reading but it is more time consuming than *regular* reading lol

    Love the update though!

    For What It's Worth

    1. It is, but it's so rewarding too! :) Especially now that a book I've beta-read is about to hit the shelves (as opposed to waiting to get picked up), I'm psyched!


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