November 10, 2012

A Picnic in the Twilight Zone

Before I actually begin to review my favourite books (and my not-so favourite ones too, of course), I mean to share some thoughts about the main genres I picked out to blog about. You must have noticed this site is mainly dealing with afterlife, supernatural, very imaginative sci-fi and such. Most of the things these books dwell upon are very unlikely to happen, or in most cases, totally cock-and-bull. I, for one, sure don't believe in any of them. Well, like many of you I presume, that's precisely the reason why I enjoy the stuff so much. It's an escape, sort of an out-of-body experience by fiction. Because these things can't happen in the world as we know it, we lustfully suspend our disbelief, in the old Coleridgian fashion, and lose ourselves in the big sea of If Only. Even when our picnic in the Twilight Zone is totally scary, we wear a giant grin and take pics the whole trip through. Mind you, while I don't believe in ghosts or vampires or reincarnation, the real supernatural to me is romance. I would rather be persuaded of the existence of such creatures than expect a strong, valiant (but romantic), hot guy crossing my path and falling for me. (The truth? I wouldn't even care if he did. Really, not my type. But I digress). I think that, deep down, a good portion of those who love romance hope to meet that strong, valiant (but romantic), hot guy one day. Or at least they think he exists, and it's just bad luck if their paths haven't crossed (yet). While personally I love supernatural stuff precisely because I don't expect it to happen anytime soon. Well, actually, anytime at all. So, while I can enjoy an alternate world where young girls investigate on their own death, or vampire djs run a radio station, or clairvoyants foresee their own future, I'm not keen on romance also because it seems to be rooted in a normal, everyday world, where some lucky girls were able to find these rare specimens of men, while the vast majority simply never stumbled on them. (Well, this is not the main reason why I don't like romance, though. In short, the knight in shining armour doesn't do anything for me. I'm the don't-bring-me-flowers type LOL).
I would like to hear your thoughts about all this. Please don't be shy - I may be very opinionated, but never hurt anybody's feelings...not on purpose, at least (insert wink here). Maybe you read romance for the very reason I read weird escape. Maybe you don't believe in Prince Charming, but you are contented with dreaming of him. Same goes for male readers and Pretty Princess. Maybe you read supernatural etc. in order to achieve catharsis, or like me, for fun and for the unexpected (well, maybe for cathartic reasons too, to a certain extent). Let's talk about it!


  1. I think the thing about Romances is yes, it just that a fantasy. We only see the beginning of that romance and are not privy to them oh, say a year after they wed being stuck in a rut on the couch, etc. I mean I don't hate romance, but to me it's just cute and I don't mean that in a condescenting way to anyone. So yeah, if I'm going to day dream, I'm going to daydream about truly epic adventures, like saving my friends from zombies or meeting a vampire. Books are my way to dream while awake! : )

    1. To me, romance is often overplayed...and most of the time (if not always) we only get to see the girl part of it - falling in love, trying to get the boy, etc. And the girl is usually swooning so easily. Also, like you said, there's the "rut on the couch" part (love your choice of words LOL) that is bound to happen IRL, while it's of course banished from books since...ever. Then again, most girls like to dream of a perfect forever with a perfect man precisely because it's not going to happen. Like we prefer more action or supernatural or scary things basically for the same reason - if you think of it ;).
      Thanks for commenting BTW :).


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