October 14, 2012


A warm welcome to all the YA Lit lovers...and more (since I set up a Blog Room where books aimed at grown-ups will be discussed too). My name is Roberta, and I'm glad to be in such good company, among many not-teen readers who have a penchant for YA books. Though I'm Italian, I've developed the habit of buying the untraslated versions of the books I'm interested in, since 1) most of them are not available in Italian; 2) I like to capture their original feel; and 3)...I found out that Italian translations are often censored here and there (don't ask - it's beyond me. I can only assume that Italian teens need to retain their uncorrupted purity and innocence, because of course they still possess those virginal qualities).
As hinted at in my Profile Page, I decided to blog YA myself after I found out that most of the books I had read (and enjoyed a lot) largely didn't feature on the blogs I happened to visit. For every book, I'm also going to give you some essential info - aside from the actual blurb, of course - at the beginning of its review, so that you can judge if it's your thing or not. Of course, I still hope you'll take the time to read the whole review LOL.
In short, my aim is to bring some maybe overlooked, but often worthy novels to your attention. I hope I'll succeed. Have a nice stay!

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