Review Policy

Review Policy.

All you need to know.

First off, I didn't set up a review blog with the aim of receiving free books. That would be a bonus of course, but what I really wanted was to give a spotlight to some (often) less-known books I deemed worthy. This accounts for my being extremely picky in choosing what to review πŸ™‚. What I'm looking for are novels that suit my tastes for the weird, the unexpected, the "offbeat" - as I put it. Novels that are somewhat original, and deep, and blissfully deprived of fluffy stuff.
I will be glad to review any book that complies with the conditions stated above - and more in detail, below:

1) Paperback/Hardcover copies are welcome of course, though I know it's expensive to send them
     overseas (I'm in Italy), so I wouldn't recommend it. As for ebooks, I can read both PDF and
     epub files. ARCs and Finished Copies are both welcome.
2) Only YA books in the following categories:
     Contemporary/Magical Realism but NOT having romance as a primary focus - or a heavy dose
     of it.
3) Only Adult books in the following categories:
     Magical Realism.
4) I WON'T accept:
     Historical fiction;
     Religious fiction;
     Chick Lit;
     Middle Grade books;
     New Adult books.
5) I WON'T write reviews in exchange for money or any kind of favour, including more
    free books. 
6) (2024 add) -> I WON'T review books "written" by AI or using AI-generated art for their

The best way to have a quick and thorough look at my favourite types of YA fiction is to access my Goodreads page - if you are a member yourself (otherwise, my page would be private). Of course, my static pages here on the blog (called "The Reading Rooms") will tell you all you need to know as well.
If your book doesn't belong to one of my favourite genres, I won't be able to rate it as it may possibly deserve, so it's no use to propose the said book to me. On the other hand, I don't automatically guarantee your book will be a winner in my eyes just because it does belong to one of my favourite genres. I can guarantee I will be objective though.

My ratings:
5 stars: flawless, as in original, deep, entertaining, well written.
4.5 stars: almost flawless. May retain all the above traits, but I have a small pet peeve about it.
4 stars: mostly original/deep/entertaining/well written, but I have more than a pet peeve about it.
3.5 stars: a solid read, though I found it a little lacking in some respect.
3 stars: a good book, but I was slightly bored somehow, or expected more.
2.5 stars: so-so. Some clichΓ©s or awkward moments. I may have something to say about the writing style occasionally.
2 stars: very light read. Characters lacking depth. Often funny but forgettable.
1.5 stars: near the bottom. Not terrible but almost there.
1 star: dreadful. I couldn't connect with the characters and found the story clumsy or far-fetched - even in a supernatural or sci-fi context.

IMPORTANT!: if your book is anything under the 3-star mark for me, I'll email you with two options:
   1) writing an honest review and posting it both on my site and on Goodreads;
   2) marking your book as DNF on Goodreads without giving it any rating or review.
As a book blogger, I strive for honesty, so I'd feel like a cheater if I agreed not to review your book at all. On the other hand, I don't take pleasure in accepting your book and then writing a negative review. The DNF option might be a viable middle-ground.

Are you sure you want me to review your book? Please do the following:

1) send a request by email: erreerreit(at)gmail(dot)com.
2) include the necessary info - such as author, title, main genre, synopsis, website (I mean actual Facebook or Instagram or such - I am not a member there and don't plan on
    becoming one, so I wouldn't be able to access your page), or Twitter. An excerpt of your book
    is required, so that I can judge if the writing style suits my tastes.
3) DON'T (fake) flatter me - that wouldn't be a valid reason for me to review your book if it's not
    my cup of tea.
4) DON'T post your request in the Comments section - it will be considered spam and treated

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Roberta R. (Offbeat YA)

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