July 24, 2018

Tell Me Something Tuesday: How Have Your Reading Habits Changed Since You Started Blogging?

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Here is what is on deck this week:


First off: they HAVE changed. But in a way, they have not.
I know you are massively confused now.
OK, first off - I started blogging when I got into YA (well, a few years after I did), and I was kind of old for the blogging game already. BUT I so earnestly wanted some really good, not talked about enough YA novels to have a spotlight. (And, well, I also badly needed a place where to vent out my feelings, I guess). Back then, I had very few books to talk about, though. In time, I've been collecting more, mainly thanks to the wonderful indie authors and/or small (but no less awesome) publishers who decided to take a chance on my tiny, tiny blog. So I started to plan my reading a bit, and to make sure I wasn't blogging about (and therefore, reading) the same kind of books all in a row, in order to have more variety in my posts. Also - and this is a later development, less than one year old - I started scheduling both my posts AND my reading (as in, making a spreadsheet with all my daily goals). This doesn't mean I'm following some harsh, self-imposed rules though. I still do what it takes in order to please myself. And I CAN - and WILL - be flexible if I want to. Only, with an eye to my blog.

Two things haven't changed at all since I started blogging:
  1. I STILL READ WHAT THE HECK I WANT TO READ - no amount of free books can ever convince me to take a chance on something I'm 80% (or even, like, 20%?) sure I won't enjoy. If anything, I've become more selective, since I spend a good amount of time on Goodreads (and on other blogs of course) reading early (or even not so early) reviews before I bet my money on a book...
  2. I STILL REREAD ALL THE TIME - I can't afford many books a year, but even if I did? I don't pledge to read the printed word. As I said, I'm selective as hell. I only buy books that I'm fairly sure I will love (which of course doesn't work EVERY TIME, but still, I have a pretty good ratio by now 🙂). Which leaves me with lot of sweet, sweet time for my rereading.

Well, that's it for now. And if you're interested in participating, here is the TMST prompt list for the last week of July and the whole month of August:
  • July 31st: What are some popular series you haven't tried or have and stopped because they just don't appeal to you?
  • August 7th: For those who don’t have time to reread series, what would you reread when you found the time?
  • August 14th: At what point do you think a series has gone on too long?
  • August 21st: What things are you drawn to when choosing your next read?
  • August 28th: Does it bother you when a book cover doesn't fit the characters in the book?
As usual, lots of fun/thought-provoking prompts coming! My next TMST will be on June 31st. Boy, do I have a list LOL. Maybe I should simply post about the ones I HAVE read...

Now tell me something...has blogging influenced your reading habits? and if yes, how?


  1. I still take chances on books but I have become FAR more selective in what I read.

    That first BEA taught me that I can't, in fact, read every book (even though I read fast) and the more you read - the pickier you become/get burned out on tropes.

    But you're smarter than me and knew this all along lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Haha, I was born picky, that's probably more like it 😉. And at least, by taking some chances, you allow yourself to be surprised...

  2. I admire your self-control so much! The fact that you're able to be so selective in your reading and (most often) accurately choose books you know you're going to like-- I'm just in awe! I have an impulse control problem when it comes to choosing titles, and I always want to read *everything*. This leads to a lot of two and three star books. Simple math says everything can't be good. xD I also admire your ability to stick to a schedule, since I usually can't manage it except for a very loose one for reviews.

    My reading habits have definitely adjusted to cater to my blog. When I was reading for myself, I could binge a whole series in a row just for enjoyment, but it turns out that makes it really difficult to review. I space things out better now, and I try to make sure I'm including grown-up-person fiction in there too, otherwise I'd probably get on an unchecked YA binge just because they're faster/easier. Now that I'm a blogger, I usually have five or six NetGalley books queued up as well (again--impulse control problems), and those are more hit and miss than books I'm willing to spend money on. Sadly, I re-read a lot less. :[ I feel like I can't justify it when I have so many other titles waiting for me, so I save favorites for when I'm feeling rough.

    1. Series-bingeing is indeed a problem when you have a blog. The first three reviews I posted were - pretend you're surprised - the three installments of the Remember Me series. Then I started to wonder if I was, perhaps, boring my potential readers or driving them away LOL.

      We take this blogging gig seriously, don't we? 😉 Balancing genres, spacing books out and the likes. It probably doesn't matter, because reviews are the less read posts there are, but we keep up the charade 😀. Tough chicks LOL.

  3. Lol! I wouldn't have been bored, but Pike fans are probably a special case.

    We really do. I was just having that conversation on Tumblr about how reviews don't usually get reblogs/comments, but I don't mind. I love writing about books, and if only one person looks into that book or picks it up, it's worth it to me. We're bloggers because we love books, not for the feedback. xD

    1. Absolutely! I'm a bit sad that we can't do more for the books we loved and that we think should get more attention...but well, as you said, there's always that only one person 😉.

  4. I am glad you are finding a formula that works for you. I used to plan out everything and read on a schedule and now days I am not. I am happier just being able to pick up any old book on a whim. Once I clean out my NG pile, I am going to pretty much stop requesting books and just get them from the library, which will totally free up everything for me. Thanks for being a part of TMST.

    1. Mine is a flexible schedule, but yeah, it works. Also because, most of the time, it's about books "I" decide to buy/read, not for the publishers. I even incorporate rereads into it! That been said, I understand it's not for everyone - especially if one has been burned out in the past, which you said you were on your blog. Enjoy your freedom! 🙂 And thanks again for these prompts.

  5. I was writing reviews and blog hopping before I was blogging. I probably interact on social media more than I used to, but I refuse to let it cut into my reading time.

    1. It's not easy though, isn't it? I only have Goodreads (that is not a real social media, but still) and Twitter, but they are time-consuming.

      Quote: "I was writing reviews and blog hopping before I was blogging."
      That's a first for me! I suppose you reviewed on GR or Amazon back then...

  6. I started my blog for the same reason. Not YA books specifically, but because I was finding amazing books that weren't getting the attention they deserved. I love that you're a fellow indie book lover and blogger, I feel like we are a minority. Gotta stick together ;-) It's good to hear you're reading hasn't changed too much and that you still enjoy it and read what you want :-)

    1. Quote: "Gotta stick together ;-)"
      Ha, absolutely! Though it feels a bit disheartening sometimes - but as Carrie above said, even if that one person picks up a book because of us, it's a victory! I only wish we could help authors more 🙁.

  7. I always tell myself to re-read more books, but I still don't do it as much as I would like. I only keep physical copies of books that I love, so there are shelves to choose from... I think I re-read maybe 4-5 books every year. It needs to be more!

    I think age and life have influenced my reading habits more than blogging. I've become more efficient, I think. I also don't hesitate to DNF a book that I'm not enjoyed. I could be 5 hours into an audiobook and decide it's just really not working for me. Over the years I've learned that time is precious, so I'm not going to waste it on something I don't love. <3

    𑁋 Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

    1. To me, reading a book only once is a crime against the poor thing 😉. Of course, when you have a lot of books to choose from (because not everyone is as picky as me LOL), it may be difficult to find the time. Then again, it sounds like you can make a good selection, even if you're a voracious reader (I read your interview where you said you were the only reader in your family since a tender age). It's interesting what you say about age and life (which I personally agree with), because usually, bloggers tend to be shaped into a certain kind of reader more because of the blogging itself than because of those things. Like when Karen says she got burnt out after reading so many books and she can't switch off her "reviewer mode" anymore and read just for fun.


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