February 24, 2018

Screen Time #7: 3+7 All-Time Favourite TV Series (Pt.2)

Welcome to Screen Time, my own feature where I ramble about spotlight some iconic and/or favourite TV series from the '80s, '90s and 2000s!
I'm a child of the '60s *big shock*. This accounts for me fondly remembering some oldies I grew up with, or having some of them in my all-time favourite list. But don't worry, I'm not stuck in the '80s ;). There are plenty of series I've liked and followed in the most recent years...and some current favourites too. So tune in with me, and don't forget your popcorn...


On January 27th, I posted my All-Time Top Three TV Series (featuring Fame, Law & Order and Doctor Who). You can read my post here, in case it flew under your radar 😉 (in it I also explain my relationship with TV series as a whole). This second part is about the rest of my Top Ten, and since I can't really decide on a ranking, I'll simply list these shows in alphabetical order. Also, please note: for some of these series it's next to impossible to find good GIFs (or GIFs at all). So I choose to represent every one of them by its first season DVD cover. Here goes...(...watch me being unfashionable 😂, except for the last item on my list...).


CHARMED (1998-2006)


This girl-power modern-witch series originally draw me in because one of its episodes - that I chanced upon on a lonely night at home - had time travel. I mean, I wasn't a time travel aficionado back then, but while watching a rerun of said episode (Morality Bites), I got converted...both to time travel and modern witches. The sisters were all interesting in their own way, their stories funny and poignant at the same time. As a rule, I'm not really into magic (not even in books) - I'm more of a sci-fi chick. But Charmed was a great saga with a good balance of magical and everyday issues, and most of the time, it was great fun to watch (though I could have done without all those leprechauns, fairies etc. episodes on one side, fable retellings on the other, that started with the arrival of the long-lost fourth sister Paige in S.4...*rolls eyes hard*).

THE CLOSER (2005-2012)

With The Closer, for the first and only time ever to date, I decided to watch a series because of its main character. I'm very much a plot gal, though I get attached to the characters of course, but here's the thing - it always happens later. While Brenda Leigh Johnson (the wonderful Kyra Sedgwick) was the reason why I dived into The Closer, after seeing the odd episode in rerun. I loved her at first sight. She was a delightful mixture of badass and clumsy, manipulative (even with her loved ones at times) and sympathetic, and her cases, albeit interesting and well-thought, took the back seat for me (while I always tend to favour the investigation over those who run it). I told to myself "I HAVE to see this whole thing one day". So, when a new set of reruns started, I was ready. And I'm also ready to rewatch Brenda's adventures a thousand times and laugh and cheer as if it were the first time.

C.S.I. (2000-2015)

Once again, this is a series I caught up with when it had been airing for years. And it's a good example of the way I like my TV shows as opposed to my books, at least in the police-procedural field. I love my book mysteries without any hint of technology - the classic stuff, with Agatha Christie leading the pack. But on TV, I want to see the science - or at least, I realised I wanted to see the science after stumbling upon C.S.I. Fun fact: I've never cared much for the spinoffs (because I liked the original C.S.I. characters more, basically - though I watched almost all of C.S.I:. Miami, and Horatio was fun, and Delko and Calleigh weren't half bad). So, I was happily basking in all the science and great plots and (mostly) outstanding characters, till one fateful day a S.12 episode called Genetic Disorders rubbed me the wrong way so hard, I decided to stop watching (after Willows' last episode two weeks later, that is, because I loved her and I wanted to say goodbye). I'll tell you the whole story in another Screen Time installment, eventually...Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

FRINGE (2008-2013)

I had read something about this series on the net, quite by chance, and my interest had been piqued. So I decided to have a run at it in 2016...three years after it had been cancelled. Have I told you I'm a rerun gal? 😀 So, a story about sci-fi mysteries and PARALLEL UNIVERSES? Count me in. Sometimes a cheesy one, I have to admit (the giant, slug-like rhinovirus worming its way out of its host?!?! Also, yuck. LOL). But as a mystery it was compelling and full of twists and turns - and doppelgangers. I don't know, I've never felt the appeal of X-Files (also because it was SO SLOW), but Fringe was my jam. Not to mention, I fell in love with John Noble, and he should be handed an Emmy every single time he draws a breath. Just sayin'.

HEROES (2006-2010)

Another show I caught up with years after it had been cancelled (can you see a pattern here?). And the funny thing is, I'm not even interested in superheroes - not that much. But I had seen the odd episode of this series, and for some reason it appealed to me - so, when one of our channels started airing it again a few years ago, I decided to watch the whole thing. And I fell in love with it, as this post testifies. Here's a quote from said post (because I'm lazy I was able to express my feelings so well the first time around) that explains my fascination with Heroes:
They're just a bunch of normal human beings who happen to change overnight and have to deal with their newfound reality, while trying to save their own lives and the world (or a portion of it). Also, some of their powers are useful or cool, while some are just a curse, not to mention, a complete source of embarrassment...like being able to melt every single piece of metal you put your hands on. While some are definitely dangerous, or even potentially evil to begin with. On top of that, some of these characters love their new powers and want to use them for the greater good, while others are scared and/or pissed and would do anything in order to get rid of them. So, you know? it's their humanity that wins. It's because they're first and foremost human behind the shield of their powers that they appeal to us so much. Well, to me for sure...
Before you ask - I haven't seen Heroes Reborn yet (though I will soon). There's hope I'll like it, but as for making it to my Top Ten TV Series, I have my doubts. Such is the nature of sequels...not to mention, half my favourite characters are dead (some in the sequel itself, some in the original series), and most of the others weren't even cast in Reborn to begin with...

N.Y.P.D. BLUE (1993-2005)

I have a confession to make - a blemish on my record, you might say. I really liked this series with a foul-mouthed, all-round problematic main character. But let me plead my case. This is a politically incorrect police-procedural show, maybe one of the very first. Critics called it "gritty" and "realistic" for a reason. The lead, Andy Sipowicz, is "a drunken, racist goon with a heart of gold" (Jason Gay, The Boston Phoenix). The fact is - he's tridimensional, both as a man of the streets and a police officer. He's got his own demons to battle. His racism has been ingrained in him by his father. He'll overcome it to an extent, as he will with his homophobia via a tentative friendship with the precinct gay receptionist. The only thing that will never change are his swearing habits - and you want the truth? I ADORED his filthy mouth. Whenever Andy Sipowicz damned someone/something to hell, I felt vindicated for all the times I had to swallow the bitter pill. A complex, controversial character, whom you end up loving despite (or sometimes, even because of) his faults. Not to mention, actor Dennis Franz was GREAT in Andy's role.
(BTW, you saw that right...it's David Caruso over there, next to Franz on the DVD cover, prior to leaving the series after a single season and starring in C.S.I.: Miami - much later).

SUPERNATURAL (2005-present)

Oh, look, a current show 😲😂. And a popular one.
As per my usual fashion, I started watching Supernatural when it was well on its way - S.7 was the first new one I saw. I had seen the odd episode (sorry if I'm repeating myself - I seem to be perpetually late to the party) and taken a liking to the show - so I did a crash course on it via reruns, and then dived into the new episodes when S.7 aired. It was my very first urban fantasy/creature feast show, too - if you don't count Charmed (which I probably should, but it was much lighter in tone and visuals). Now, everyone will tell you that the first 4 seasons (maybe 5...maybe 6) are the best, and that they should have stopped at the Apocalypse, because really - what can top such an event? And I wholeheartedly agree. Then again, the Winchester brothers and Castiel (😍) and well, even Crowley (😲) are old friends of mine by now, and most episodes are still intense or entertaining or both, and I do believe there are still stories to tell about Sam & Dean vs. Halloevil. So I'm still watching...till cancellation do us part 😉.

And now...have you ever watched any of these shows? Tell me some TV series you like/liked? Have you ever been rubbed the wrong way by a TV series and stopped watching it?


  1. LOVE Heroes and Supernatural, but you already knew that! I didn't start watching Supernatural until it had been on for years either. I'd seen the odd episode here and there. Then my friends sent me the first season for my birthday, and I was hooked! My favorite seasons are 4/5 like a lot of fans, but I think the last few have been really good too. I love Cas and Crowley.

    I'm on season four of Charmed, and I'm not sure I want to continue. Does it get better? SPOILERS. I couldn't be less interested in evil Cole and their demon baby. I liked it better when he was a reformed demon, lol.

    Not surprisingly, I'm most drawn to horror shows. I love Dexter, True Blood, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Stranger Things, and Scream. (Not horror, but I've also got a Gossip Girl guilty pleasure...)

    I try to give shows at least a season or two to find themselves. I'm done with American Horror Story; it hasn't been good since season one, and it cares more about shock value than decent storytelling. I watched the first four seasons of Once Upon a Time, but I don't think I'm going to go back to that either. I really liked the season where Peter Pan was the villain (and the kid who played him did an excellent job), but otherwise none of the characters are overwhelming for me. There are too many plots/characters/weird fairytale connections.

    1. Charmed has a lot on its plate after S.4. SPOILERS (IN A WIDE SENSE THOUGH):

      Less and less Cole in any form. Less Leo for a while. More family. More love stories, but more of Phoebe finding herself too. More magical beings and fable retellings (as I said, I wasn't a fan of those, but maybe they'll work better for you...). More time travel. More...worldwide stuff (sort of an Apocalypse in reverse). A big change at the end of S.7 (just in case the show got cancelled, the authors wrote a possible ending, but with potential for another series, that in fact happened). Dealing with the ramifications of such change and playing mentors in S.8, plus defying the ultimate enemy.

      I don't think I would be able to watch tougher stuff than Supernatural, though the things that I really can't stand are bugs and the likes, especially if crawling on people (and that's why I refused to watch the "Bugs" episode, and hated the biblical plagues one - I managed to dodge the locusts, but the man sprouting bubos was unexpected...YUCK). Plus, most of the horror series you mentioned have aired/are airing on pay TV, that I don't have...

      Once Upon a Time never clicked with me...not only I don't particularly care about fables, but as you said, it looked confusing...and overpopulated LOL. I felt the same about Lost, and I never had a desire to look deeper into it.

    2. Hmm. I could honestly do with less romance and more family bonding in the series in general. I like character development that doesn't revolve around relationships. The differences between Charmed and Supernatural are baffling, since they have a similar premise: sibling duo/trio fights paranormal evil. Sam and Dean's relationship just seems so much better developed than any of the girls'. (And there are no weddings on Supernatural, thank goodness.) Maybe it's not a fair comparison. xD

      Supernatural is surprisingly creepy in its first seasons, especially for not showing a lot of monsters/gore. It relied a lot on tension building and lighting and being more spooked by the things you can't see than the ones you can, and I really enjoyed that. There aren't typically a lot of bugs in any of those (that I can think of? maybe one scene in Stranger Things), but they have varying levels of gore, with True Blood winning the prize on that one (it was on HBO, so that figures). With that exception, they're all on Netflix, which is where I watch most of my TV.

      I love fairytales, but "overpopulated" is definitely a good descriptor. I stopped somewhere in the middle of Lost too. SPOILERS. There was no attempt to have things make sense, and I hated all the characters after Ian Somerhalder's died, so whatever. I'd rather watch him be a vampire on TVD. That's much more my genre.

    3. Quote:
      "And there are no weddings on Supernatural, thank goodness."
      Except the one in S.7 😂. You remember "Season 7, Time for a Wedding!", right? 😉

    4. Oh my God, I just had horrible flashbacks xD I had honestly forgotten all about that!

    5. LOL. But it was a mock one...I mean...it was a demonic thing anyway...so it was fun! Not the best episode though, I agree.

  2. Charmed is my guilty pleasure, lol! I stumbled across it while babysitting one summer (I had to be there when their parents left, but they would usually still sleep for an hour or two). It started being something I watched every day, and I was addicted!

    Supernatural I didn't start until last year, so we both jumped on that train a little late, but I love it. I love the brother dynamic. However, once Sam started going all Dark Side, I lost interest. I've been wanting to pick it back up again!

    I was really disappointed when Heroes was cancelled. I really enjoyed the story! CSI was something I watched with my parents in middle school, lol.

    Do You Dog-ear?

    1. I didn't know so many people still loved/watched Charmed, even if it first aired 20 years ago 😱. And I'm glad that more people than I expected fondly remember Heroes! It was a bit underrated IMO...


      About that dark side...both Sam and Dean go through SO MANY CHANGES during the show - if you think you can deal with them, I'd say, pick it back...but you've been warned! 😉

    2. I plan to pick it back up soon!

      As for Charmed--I'll re-watch the entire series when I'm in the mood!

  3. ROBERTA!!!! I've watched a few of these!!!! lol

    I've seen most - if not all - of Charmed and NYPD Blue and the first season of Fringe. I like dit and I'm not sure why I didn't continue. If I recall it was always on verge of being canceled and I didn't want to get burned.

    And I did see about 1/2 of a season of Heroes but something irritated me and I stopped - I don't remember what lol

    I feel like this might be a breakthrough and we'd have something in common if we met hahaha

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. When I saw my name in all caps I almost had a heart attack LOL. Yeah! A major breakthrough! See? Never lose hope! 😉

      Fringe made it to S.5 - it's "only" 100 episodes long...maybe you'll have the chance of bingeing it one day. As for Heroes, it's a pity that you don't remember what rubbed you the wrong way. I'm so curious now LOL. And yay, someone who has actually seen NYPD! I'd never had figured that, what with you being allergic to "Order" 😂.

  4. CSI IS SO GOOD THOUGH. I think I had a few marathons with the Miami one...

    Supernatural GIFs are good though... and sometimes the show is good. Though I'm judging a show (just a little) based on the few episodes I watch?

    I think I wanted to watch Heroes at one point but I completely forgot about the existence of that show until you mentioned it. o.o

    P.S. I just now noticed LEAVE A LINK! But you already know my link. Muahaha. >:D

    1. I'm surprised! I honestly thought CSI wouldn't be your thing.

      Now, I think you might indeed like Heroes...I'm not even sure why LOL. It must be some books I subconsciously remember you enjoying that have a slight resemblance to it...

      The link thing has been in place since the blog was born...*giggles*

  5. I haven't watched any of these and I highly doubt I'd even get around to them anyway but...may I tempt you with a few k-dramas instead? ;)

    1. Haha, I'm sure there's too much romance in them for me, but nice try 😉. Also, everything I watch is dubbed in Italian - I don't do well with subtitles.


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