November 19, 2017

Offbeat YA: Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Hi beautiful creatures!

Just a quick post to let you know what I'm up to these days, since it may look like I'm on a hiatus or something...but the truth is, I'm working backstage 😉. So come into my lair and see what I'm plotting...

I've been proof-reading a new and enhanced version of Wakefield, the debut book of Erin Callahan and Troy H. Garnder (you should know them by now via my previous posts). I reviewed the original Wakefield - along with its sequels Tunnelville and Perfection - four years ago...Now, these books were meant to be part of a double trilogy called Mad World, but the last three in the series have been delayed. Since June 2014 (when Book 3 came out) the authors have been working at refining their craft (while also tending to their individual projects), and are now ready to kick off Wakefield, Tunnelville and Perfection again, before they start publishing the second half of the series. So, they asked me to proof-read the new version of Wakefield (which is about to hit the market), and I was thrilled they did 😊 - plus I jumped at the chance of revisiting one of the very first books I reviewed when I was a newbie blogger, from the very first authors who sent me a book for review AFTER PERUSING MY BLOG (it just occurred to me I didn't even have a review policy back then 😲) AND POLITELY ASKING. So, I've been revisiting the Wakefield world...and oh, changes have been made - some of them subtle, others more in your face, all striving for more realism (because even a paranormal book has to be grounded somehow), impact and cohesiveness. And accordingly, there will be a new cover - speaking of which, the authors proposed to do a Making the Cover feature on my blog, something I was immediately sold on.

But, apart from working with Erin and Troy, I'm plotting more stuff - and before the year ends, I'll have a few other posts coming, as it follows:

Sunday, Nov. 26th -> my review for The Creeper Man by Dawn Kurtagich

During the first ten days of December (?) -> my interview with C.W. Snyder (debut author of Child of Nod

Tuesday, Dec. 12th (or maybe even a little earlier) -> my ARC review for Mayhem's Children by Edward Aubry (Book 3 in the Mayhem Wave series)

Friday, Dec. 15th -> Making the Cover: Wakefield by Erin Callahan & Troy H. Gardner

Tuesday, Dec. 19th -> Tell Me Something Tuesday: Best Books of 2017

Sunday, Dec. 24th -> 2017 Wrap-Up: In Which I Rear My Head and Try to Schedule

My FIVE December posts (yep, did you count? I actually hope to do FIVE of them 😵) will be crammed into a couple of weeks...for which I'm sorry, but it can't be avoided.
So...I'm back into my lair now. Talk to you soon! Oh, and I forgot...if any of you is doing NaNoWriMo right now, best of luck with it, and soldier on! I'm rooting for you 🙆👌!


  1. It's going to take you months to recover from all this posting! lol

    I've got nothing drafted or planned for the rest of the year O_O so we'll see if my blog is a dead zone until January or if something spurs me to write a post.

    For What It's Worth

    1. I can't believe it 😲 - have we swapped places? LOL.

  2. I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOUR THE CREEPER MAN REVIEW! I know we discussed it back when you read it, but I really love your reviews, bc they are usually hella detailed. AND YES! I loove Best Books of X posts, can't wait to see yours. No Christmas posts, I take. ;) Good luck in the upcoming month! :)

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    1. LOL, thank you - they are detailed indeed...but I'm trying to be more concise lately. As for my Christmas post, it will coincide with the wrap-up I mentioned above.

      And thank you! I can use a little luck, though I have everything planned, but you never know. I want 2017 to end with a bang!

  3. Look at you, influencing more books! I'm excited to read your reviews/cover reveals when they come!

    1. LOL, "influencing" is a strong word, but I do feel grateful and a little proud that a handful of authors trust my judgement and my eyes 😊. Though I'm still not sure what I did for that to happen LOL.

      And I'm grateful for a friend like you! 😘


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