October 24, 2017

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Would You Rather Time-Travel or Teleport?

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Here is what is on deck this week:


Seventeen years ago, I wasn't a sci-fi fan or fantasy fan yet (still not in love with fantasy overall, but now I do like a bit of it on certain occasions, and I absolutely ADORE sci-fi). I just was a die-hard mystery and police procedural enthusiast. I didn't know I would fall in love with time travel back in 2000, when I stumbled upon a Charmed episode called Morality Bites. (I didn't even know I would become a Charmed fan, but I digress). In it, the sisters travel ten years into their own future in order to prevent something horrible that Phoebe saw in a vision - herself burned to death. And they do that by actually inhabiting their future bodies (as opposed to what happened in That '70s Episode).
Morality Bites: Prue is a blondie now...

I was immediately fascinated by the way their future lives had unfolded (or would unfold) without them having a cue, how different those lives were from the ones they had left behind, and their disperate effort to change what was meant to happen. I think that was my first conscious exposition to time travel and its wonderful intricacies (though, to be honest, Charmed was never Doctor Who - it was more a matter of surprises and having the rug pulled out from under your feet than of stepping on the proverbial butterfly and drastically changing the world...or the universe. Certain things simply COULDN'T be changed, period. And the consequences of trying would usually affect people's lives in a limited range). Since then, I've been more and more fascinated by time travel, both in TV series and books, to the point that now it's one of my favourite things to watch/read about (if you don't count dead/undead characters and police procedurals. Yep, I'm weird 😄).
I suppose you're expecting me to say that I would rather time-travel than teleport now. (Well, to be precise, I would rather travel through time AND space with the Doctor, but that would be cheating, right? 😜) And yet...nope.

Ten and Five have an inmpromptu meeting due to a TARDISes crash (which conveniently causes Five to grow temporarily older, while it doesn't affect Ten...😄)

I'm not keen on history. I would probably like to see the future, but going back doesn't appeal to me (especially to one of those God-forsaken periods where women were EVEN LESS respected and free than they STILL are now). I love to see my characters do that, but unless the Doctor himself sweeps me off my feet one day, now is when I want to be. But teleport is something else entirely...
For a number of reasons, I pretty much never go anywhere. With a disabled husband (he's an amputee, with a whole set of health problems), my home life is complicated, and that puts severe limitations to my ability to leave the neighborhood. So...if teleportation existed, I could leave the house and go anywhere and just stay a while, and be home for dinner, so to speak. Visit castles and fortresses, shop for books in the US and meet my blogging friends, embarrass myself while trying to talk to David Tennant, see Florence once again (it's more than twenty years since I last was there, and I miss it terribly)...Sorry, I got serious, didn't I? I suppose this was meant to be a humorous question, but it hit close to home for me. Anyway, well, if you have ever seen Heroes, I would be Hiro (except that he both teleports AND travels through time, but really, the latter wouldn't be required 😉).

Hiro is excited by his newfound power...

And since this is a book blog...here are my favourite time-travel-centered stories so far:

Now tell me something...would you rather travel through time, or cross space at a moment's notice?


  1. Same. I know I should be all highbrow and say I want to see history in the making but nah. It already happened - so much of it was long fought and hard won so to see it in person doesn't appeal to me.

    Now...zipping around to have breakfast in one place, lunch/dinner somewhere else and be home for bedtime - that sounds perfect. (and yes, my whole life revolves around food lol) I'm really hoping pets can teleport too so I could take Fonzi.

    Figment would like the arrangement as well since I could actually go away without leaving him for too long lol

    For What It's Worth

    1. The hardcore foodie! LOL.

      I agree - history in the making would be too painful to see. And what a great idea! Pets teleporting with you - now I don't think anyone has ever brought it up in a story or movie.

  2. Definitely teleportation, and I can see why that would really appeal to you! It's okay to dream beyond life's reality. I do love the Doctor, but I'm not time traveling without him - so teleportation it will be fun. I'd love to travel so easily.


    1. Quote:
      "I do love the Doctor, but I'm not time traveling without him".

      LOL, good point. Now going with him (or her now) would make all the difference. Also, we could even save a planet...or a single individual...but time-traveling alone would probably end in disaster!

  3. Both are so tempting for me. I would love to be able to go back in time just to spend an afternoon with my mom and grandparents who have passed. However, being able to teleport would be perfect. For you, it would be a much needed break. You are a star taking care of your husband. Much love to you. P.S. If you want a fabulous time travel book try Stephen King’s 11-22-63, It’s not scary.

    1. Time travel would probably appeal to me for the same reason, if not for any other. My parents are still alive, but both going on 80. I hear you. And thanks! For the recommendation too. I have problems with King's brand of body horror, but 11-22-63 sounds up my alley 🙂.

  4. I'm totally with you on traveling to the past! It's never appealed to me. I'm really fond of electricity, running water, and being able to vote. See You Later is a wonderful time travel story though! I also love The Time Quintet by Madeleine L'Engle and The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, but those are pretty standard examples.

    Hiro's powers would be a great superpower to have! I'd much rather teleport too. Travel is so exhausting and expensive, and there are so many wonderful places in the world to visit.

    1. Quote:
      "I'm really fond of electricity, running water, and being able to vote."
      Ha, exactly! And the internet, of course 😉.

      I think I have The Time Machine on a pendrive...I only have to make time to read it!

      Hiro's powers are amazing, though they come at a cost. I'd love to have them but would rather avoid any chance of brain tumor...🙄 Well, of course he got cured later, but still. (And I haven't watched Heroes Reborn yet...I'm going to when I'm finished with Extant...).

  5. I'd 10000% choose teleportation, because I'm not that interested in time travel - well, I mean, it'd be fun to visit past time periods, but not as good as teleportation could be.

    One of my all time favorite series is an adult sci-fi/paranormal series called Psy-Changeling by Nalini Singh, and long story short, some of the characters can teleport AND I'M SO JEALOUS. (Honestly, that series is fantastic so there are SO MANY abilities I'm jealous of.)

    That said, I think the first time I really got interested in teleportation was actually while watching Charmed as a kid. The way Leo could just appear basically anywhere was something *I* wanted. Being able to visit any place FOR FREE, because you could just teleport back home to sleep and then continue your tourist activities the next day would be awesome. Plus, I travel more than an hour to uni, so I lose more than two hours a day, not to mention the cost of travel... being able to teleport would help me save money AND I could sleep in. Ugh. Anyhow, this turned out to be a long as hell comment haha. Great post!

    1. Ah, yes, I remember us talking about Charmed way back. And I hear you about the uni problem...though one can always try and spend their traveling time reading or studying, but I suppose it depends on the company you keep on the train...🙄

      Teleportation wins hands down so far. Interesting...

  6. I don't want to betray the Doctor, but I have to pick teleportation! I have never really done a lot of traveling since I have never had the funds for plane tickets, passports, and the seemingly infinite amount of expenses that come with leaving home. But, if I could travel in the blink of an eye (without even going through airport security!) then I could go where ever, whenever I want.

    If we are being technical about it and I could only pick one, I would hate to time travel with being able to teleport. The TARDIS is basically both a teleportation and a time travel machine. I mena, just imagine getting stuck in the middle of the 1800's without any way to get around. That would certainly take the fun out of time travel.

    I really loved your twist on this question (even the serious parts!). I think the Doctor can forgive both of us for picking teleportation over time travel!

    1. I thought you would choose time travel, what with your penchant for history...(...and no, not because of the Doctor...why would I think he'd influence your choice 😉). But I see your point LOL (I suppose you meant "WITHOUT being able to teleport"...). And well, either the Doctor will forgive us, or he/she will give us a ride...so we don't have to hurt him/her with our choice. If Twelve forgave Clara, I suppose we stand a chance 😄.


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