August 06, 2016

...In Which I Spill My Secrets

Hi sweeties!
So I thought that - with almost 4 years of blogging under my belt - I'd hit you with a few relevant (but also funny...I hope?) facts about myself. I've seen posts like this around, usually in the TTT meme. I know, I lost a chance to get visitors by not joining the proper TTT when it was around - but you should all know by now how much me and memes don't get along ;D. So, here goes...ten of my quirks, plus a bonus...

1. I would do ANYTHING to have naturally curly hair - the curlier the better - even give all my Christopher Pike books away (...I can hear everyone say "OOOOOH!"). I've been perming my hair once a year (cutting the old bits away) since I was 15 or 16, but of course, it's not the same. Oh, in case you're wondering, I have a nice and healthy mane :). And I'm VERY MUCH AWARE that it's unpopular to have, let alone LIKE, curly hair. It's one of the reasons why I love to wear mine that way (like in my avatar, only much curlier). And I do wear it proudly, because it says I'm wild at heart and I can't be tamed.

This is Brian May from rock band Queen (well, the back of his head) in the '70s. ENVYYYYY.

2. My favourite colours are black and red, preferably together. But I love any strong/vivid colour (this probably won't come as a surprise, given my blog layout...), while you won't catch me dead wearing grey, brown or blue (white, in a really small dose, I can tolerate). Same as my hair, strong colours give my real self away ;). It's funny, because it's not like I want people to notice me...I'm quite shy, to tell you the truth. But A) vivid colours sing to my soul; B) I have to strongly assert myself both with my hair and my clothes. Contradiction, I know. I'm full of them ;D.

3. Since I'm at it, I might as well add that I'm extremely colour-coordinated. Even at home with no one watching. To the point that even my slippers have to match my clothes - or, at worst, to be black or white, so they can go with everything.

4. I never go out without make-up. Just lightly rimmed eyes, a touch of colour on the cheeks and a bit of powder, but it HAS to be there.

5. Despite everything I've just said, I'm not vain. Just extremely punctilious ;D.

6. I find it SO hard to wake up in the morning, no matter which hour I went to sleep. In a perfect world, I could probably sleep until noon ;D.

7. I've never learned how to drive. Too scared. The only thing I used to be able to do was ride a bicycle, but it's ages since I last did. I'm a scaredy-cat.

8. I've never learned how to swim either. Again, too scared. But it doesn't bum me out, because even if I practically live on the sea, I never go to the beach. Too much work, and it would bore me anyway.

9. I refuse to own a cellphone. Whoever wants to talk to me, they have to find me at home for that.

10. I have a fascination for old castles, fortresses and ruins. Not the kind of luxury places where a princess could have lived - I mean the early medieval fortresses. Such as this one:

Fortress of Sarzana (Liguria, Italy). We have far more impressive ones, but the pics weren't free, so I just picked one that was.

11 (Bonus). I'm weird ;D. In case you haven't noticed yet.
Then again, this is my mantra...

OK, so I spilled all my dirtiest secret, now it's YOUR turn! It's only fair, right? Surprise me :).



    Although I'll admit that kitty GIF is adorable and I want one....

    Well... I suppose I can announce I've never worn makeup.... And I think I look fine without it? Lol.

    1. ALWAYS THE FRENEMY/ENEMEND. Why am I still surprised? :/ LOL.
      I suppose you thought I was going to confess I had stolen someone's lunch box in second grade... ;D

      You're saving so much money by not wearing make-up ;).

  2. It is so great to learn new things about you after all of this time! I kind of knew that you loved bright colors since your avatar and entire blog are bright green and orange. But I always assumed that your hair was naturally curly according to your profile picture. I have never had a perm, but I would love to have curly or wavy hair. My hair is unpredictable. One day I will wake up with it stick straight and other days it will be wavy and stuff. I like to wear makeup too. Leaving the house without it kind of makes my face feel naked.
    Anyway, some "interesting" facts about me. My favorite color is pink, which is weird since my blog is orange and teal. When I made my blog, I thought that pink would be too "unprofessional" and no one would ever take me seriously. But the orange and teal have grown on me and I cannot part with them.
    Also, I am a tad obsessive about being on time (or early) to everything. Running late is just not an option for me. I hate the feeling that other people have been waiting for me to arrive if I am not perfectly on time.
    Great post! It was definitely entertaining to me!

    1. I hear you about the pink...or, to be more precise, it's not that I see it as unprofessional - it's just that it gives a blog a "girly" look, which is probably fine for a romance blog, but it kind of gives the wrong impression if you are going to blog about different book genres too. Not that there's something wrong with having a pink page - I like pink too!

      Oh, and I always am early myself...go figure, I sometimes happen to show up at a shop minutes before the opening LOL.

      Glad you found my post entertaining! And thanks for contributing a few random personal facts :).

  3. I can't sleep to wake up either! Well I mean I sleep alate every day (late means 3-4 am) but still though. Sometimes on the weekend I sleep earlier (earlier meaning 12 am) and I still wake up pretty late. Also I just don't want to get out of my bed!!!! Haha Roberta, I didn't know you loved Christopher Pike books. Never read anything by him but I've heard of him!!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Yes, Christopher Pike. I'm guilty ;). I have a whole page devoted to the man. He wrote/writes in every genre you can think of, so if you want to try his books sometimes, there's no shortage!

      Why, you're a night bird. I could go to bed at 9 and still not be ready to wake up the morning after ;D.

  4. Ha! I love this post -- so fascinating! I also love the color red and bold colors in general, yet I'm pretty reserved/quiet in real life. There must be some sort of psychology behind that, right? Anyway, our dear friend Troy has also never learned to drive and for the same reason, so you're in good company. And punctilious! Such a great word. Also good to know that you're unwavering attention to detail as a reviewer and beta reader carries over into the rest of your life.

    Keep being you, lady.

    1. Haha, you can call it "unwavering attention"...I would be less kind and call it "obsession" ;). But thank you!

      It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who loves bold colours without necessarily having a bold personality. I feel less weird now...Same for not getting a driver's license. But probably Troy will hate you from now on for spilling HIS secret, and you'll end up not talking to each other anymore and not finishing the Mad World series, which would be a bummer ;D.

  5. I don't know why - but I imagined us to be more similar lol We have nothing in common when it comes to books so I shouldn't be surprised.

    I used to perm my hair but now I straighten it. It's so much easier and last all week.

    I wear neutral colors and if I find something that fits I buy 10 so I don't ever have to do it again. I do like bright colors in life - just not on me. And I never wear makeup.

    I wake up early every day whether I have to or not. That's probably trained into me from the animals though. But I HAVE to go to bed early.

    I do drive but I hate it. And I'm kind of afraid of everything so I guess we have that in common lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. One thing at least LOL.

      I have to say that it's not like I really enjoy shopping for clothes myself. I SO don't do fashion. I know what I like (or what suits me), and I try to dodge all the clothes that don't match that...Sometimes it's really difficult, because maybe there's a trend or another and it's SO not my style, so I'd rather go on wearing my old things until said trend changes! (which I often do...). And for example, I only wear loafers in summer, a pair in black and a pair of a neutral colour...and I've been buying the same kind for years (there's a shop in a nearby town that has them), because they're comfortable and I don't like to wear sandals or the likes. So it's ages since I changed shoes style in the summer, which is akin to what you do with clothes LOL.

      We are indeed different on many levels, but for some reasons, we bonded. I guess that, deep inside, we share something...a vision of the world and a sense of humour for sure. And I don't have any pets but I love both dogs and cats! :)

  6. LOVE that you're sharing more about yourself! It's always nice to see behind the blogger. :D
    1. I like curly hair - just tamer, bigger curls, though I straighten my - not curly, but not straight either - hair instead because that's just so much easier. #pleasedontjudge
    2. Black is one of my favorite colors, too! I love wearing it with red, though I don't usually wear it, because I usually have dark red hair and it doesn't look really good with it, imo. I like white with black A LOT, and not many bright colors for me! Though light purple IS the most beautiful color ever, I think.
    3. Color-coordination is all I'm about! Not really at home, but I'd never go out, even to the shop or whatever, without properly paired clothes. (Guess it's a nice thing that I like black & white so much. lol)
    8. I suck at swimming SO BAD. I could *probably* stay afloat if I tried hard, but in a situation where my life was in actual danger? I think I'd panic too much to put my swimming "knowledge" in good use haha.
    9. Oh wow, I don't think I know anyone who doesn't own a cellphone? Not that it's a bad thing not to own one, just surprising. :D I originally got a very basic one so I could contact my mom if I had problem going home - in 4th grade, I think?? - and I'd have a hard time living without one, tbh. For one, I'm 19, but my mom still worries SO MUCH (I went to a festival a few days ago, and texted her after each concert, because I didn't want her worrying. I'M SUCH A NICE DAUGHTER OMG.). And I'm also a worrier - it gives me unbelievable comfort to be able to call for help at any given time and to search for other public transport I can use when there's a problem. Also, I have BOOKS on it and MUSIC (Spotify Premium, is what I mean), a.k.a. my life savers when it comes to travelling for hours each day. Is it just me, or other people feel uncomfortable too when having to stand around on public transport, awkwardly avoiding random people's gaze? lol
    10. YES, I thought I was the only one - for one, I'd love to visit Bram Castle one day!

    PS: Did you receive my comment on your latest post? I know you moderate the comments, but I think mine might have just disappeared. :'(

    Great post!

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    1. OK, so let's go visiting castles together wearing all black and let's go NOT swimming together too LOL.
      And yes, you are a nice daughter! I hope you had fun at the festival! I saw you tweeted something about it, and that reminded me of when we did our SBPT post together last summer ;).
      Your comment on my latest post DID disappear *sighs*.

  7. I've been SO BEHIND in blog-hopping, no wonder I missed your posts! Anyway, now that I somehow find myself here (through your Appreciation post hahaha) let me wrap my head around all these secrets you've spilled about yourself ;)
    I WANT CURLIER HAIR TOO. Mine is kinda wavy, the boring, messy kind of wavy, and I'd kill for better- curlier- hair. I totally understand why you'd even give up your Christopher Pike collection for curlier hair. Priorities, right? :D I lean more towards black, but I still LOVE both black and red and anyone who loves them is my friend. Yay, come let me hug you. I NEVER wear makeup though. Never. I think it's mostly because I'm lazy, but I also hate wondering whether all the goo is staying perfectly on my face and it's honestly so STRESSFUL. *sighs* I HATE WAKING UP IN THE MORNINGS TOO. This is what convinced me I'm a night person really, LOL. I never learnt swimming or driving, though the latter is mostly because I'm scared to. And with the rate I let myself get panicked, it's probably a good idea anyway. Ooooh and I love castles too- but the princessy ones, sorry :D I'M WEIRD TOO, COME LETS CELEBRATE OUR WEIRDNESS TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!
    Loved this post, Roby! You should definitely do more of these :))

    1. Let me hug you too and weird-off with you! LOL. Yeah, and let's celebrate our weirdness together! We should probably do a joint post where we compare our weirdnesses ;D.
      Honestly, without all of you, I would be seriously fun-deprived most of the time ;D.


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