January 16, 2016

What's New: "Deadgirl" Sequel on Its Way - Did I Tell You How Good the First Book Was?

Hi my lovelies!

So, these latest gray and humid winter-not-winter days have been transfixed by a ray of light, for me at least. I mean, light-light. Literal light. Beware and behold, because I'm about to make a pun.

A few days ago, the author of two of my favourite YA novels, B.C. Johnson, announced the long-awaited sequel to one of them. Now, you're not allowed to ignore who B.C. Johnson is, because I mentioned/reviewed his books Deadgirl and The Bad Rescue of Devon Streeter freely in the past two years or so. So, unless you are a new follower/reader, I'm sure you heard me drop a vague hint about them sometime. But if you need a recap:

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Plus, I wrote a guest post on Emily Reads Everything about the Afterlife sub-genre, where of course Deadgirl features prominently...

Now, after being first issued in 2012, then resurrected in 2015 (because the first publisher shut down shop and a new one picked the book after a while), Deadgirl is finally going to have a sequel. Which comes out on May 16th and is titled - here comes the pun I promised at the very beginning of this post - Deadgirl: Ghostlight. See? Ray of light? Ghostlight? Am I clever or not? (...No, you don't have to actually answer this question...). Now, that's a really nice title if you ask me. It has a great sound - and a great vibe. I'm really intrigued by the meaning of this "ghostlight", since Lucy - the protagonist - is not technically dead, so she isn't a ghost either. Though she shares a trait with them...oh well. I just like the title, OK? Food for the imagination, too.

Deadgirl: Ghostlight doesn't have a cover (the picture below is just a teaser), a Goodreads page or an Amazon one yet. But stay tuned. It's going to very soon (well, minus the cover, for now at least. I assume there will be a grand reveal closer to pub date). And since you are all very nice people, and some of you I even dare to call friends, you have to check this series out (one of said friends, Ruzaika, would call this "emotional blackmailing"...don't mind her, she's a psychologist in training ;P).

Before I sign off, I feel the need to warn you - Deadgirl is a 3-volume series edit: 4-volume series! (The author has just told me about his change of plans. I'm thrilled to get the chance to spend more time with Lucy...and you should be, too!). But you won't regret being involved. I swear...


  1. I do remember how much you liked Deadgirl, so I'm very excited you get a sequel! I hope the Ghostlight in the title is a cool addition to the story!

    1. How come a Midnight Book Girl like you hasn't read the book yet? LOL.
      Don't worry, I love you anyway - especially when you leave such friendly and lively comments!

  2. Oooooooh, that was a VERY clever pun, Roberta, I'm proud of you. Come let me hug you! :D
    OMG, comeon, this is TOTALLY emotional blackmailing, Roberta! *frowns* But since this is the first time you've done this with such full force, I'll forgive you, and add this series to my TBR as well!

    1. Haha, see, you are influencing my posts. Next thing I know you'll be splitting your coblogger activity between me and Vera ;D.

      And you totally should add this series to your TBR list. Blackmailing or not. Because you'll regret it if you don't!

  3. Emotional blackmailing? PFFFT. Isn't that what all of us do?

    I also feel like I remember this. I mean, maybe I don't. I'm too busy doing senior things. (You heard me scream my joy when I got the fabulous invitation... I think.) O_O

    1. Something indeed pierced my ears, I think ;). Good luck with that!
      And yes. We're a bunch of little emotional blackmailers ;D.

  4. Never heard of it! I'll be checking it out.

    1. It doesn't have diversity (I mean, the first installment at least), but it's a good story - and well written! - if you are into afterlife-and-such (with a new twist) and spunky heroines!


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