August 16, 2015

SBPT15 Week 7: "Top 5 Worst Book-to-Movie Adaptations" - List by Marissa Nicole (Marissa Nicole Reads)


Welcome to the Summer Blogger Promo Tour, hosted by The Book Bratz! 

If you're not familiar with it, the SBPT is like a temporary meme, only much more fun and interesting. Basically, a grand total of 56 bloggers who signed up for it have been divided in groups of 8 bloggers each. Every group gets to swap posts through the whole summer - that is, every blogger in the group (plus the host) is featured on one of their companions' blogs every Sunday, always contributing with a different and original post. You can read all about the SBPT here and here.

My blog stop today is at Little Book Heaven, where I'm sharing my Top 5 Agatha Christie Books. I hope to give you reason enough to fall in love with the Queen of Mystery if you haven't already!

And now, without further ado, let me introduce one of my blog tour pals!
Offbeat YA is proud to present Marissa Nicole (Marissa Nicole Reads), who's listing her least favourite book-to-movie adaptations. (Well, I should say "favorite", what with Marissa being from the US, but since I've always used the British form, I'll stick with it. LOL).


Name: Marissa Nicole | Blog: Marissa Nicole Reads | Twitter: @MarissaRNicole

Marissa Nicole is a high school student who is currently trying to pursue her dreams to become a writer or speech pathologist. She was inspired to start reading by her aunt, author Dianna Rodriguez Wallach. Marissa has enjoyed theater since age nine, and has been singing and acting ever since. With an amazing family who supports and loves her, Marissa has the opportunity to pursue and live out her dreams. Other special characteristics of Marissa include her obsession with Disney, television, and movies.


Top 5 Worst Book-to-Movie Adaptations
List by Marissa Nicole (Marissa Nicole Reads)

Hi! I’m Marissa from Marissa Nicole Reads. I have been a YA book blogger for almost a year. Today, I am guest blogging on Offbeat YA’s blog for the seventh stop of The Book Bratz Summer Blog Tour. Roberta and I came up with amazing ideas of what we should post on each other’s blog. On my blog, Roberta is talking about the 5 Contemporary Novels to Read if You Need a Break from Romance and I will be talking about the Worst Book-to-Movie Adaptations!

The Percy Jackson Movies
These movies were the epitome of horrible book-to-movie adaptations. These movies lacked any resemblance to the books. I can't continue to write about these movies because I will go into a three hour rant.

If I Stay
Gayle Forman’s novel, If I Stay, mainly focuses on the aspect of family and the bond that lies within it. The movie, If I Stay, tries to attract non-readers of the book by making Mia and Adam’s romance the main priority. This caused the movie to lose its meaning.

The Great Gatsby (2013)
This movie turned a brilliant classic into an okay movie. The movie has much more potential than they gave it.

The Divergent Series Movies (so far)
These movies are nothing like the books (especially Insurgent). Again, these movies don't do the books justice and aren't fair to the fans of the books.

Paper Towns
There were too many important details missing in the movie. They, again, directed this movie to people who neglected to read the story.


  1. I completely agree with the Percy Jackson movies - it was bad enough I noticed the second movie was more of an apology and effort to try to make it better, but it more than likely backfired.

    I did like Divergent and If I Stay though... not counting on what was in the movie and not in the movie. If I Stay could be taken both ways considering the end.

    1. Movies are very rarely "based" on books - which is understandable, since they have to entertain people in a different manner...but a movie should never disregard the book it comes from...

  2. I rarely enjoy movie adaptations. It's not because they may change a few details (I understand the need for that) but they never seem to carry the essence of the book.

    I skipped If I Stay because I just don't want the book ruined for me.

    The Percy movies were awful! & I don't like the Divergent ones either.

    *grumpy* lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. (Re: never seem to carry the essence of the book) -> I suppose the need to focus on the visuals is responsible for that sometimes...but not every time!


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