February 19, 2015

On Reading Exciting New Books, Meeting Friendly Authors and Joining Twitter

Hi darlings!
I've been conspicuously absent these latest two weeks - but I had a good reason. Well, a couple of good reasons. I was talking to authors and receiving/reading awesome new books, plus contemplating the audacious move of finally joining Twitter. Everyone of my old followers knows I've always been extremely wary of social networks. On the other hand, more and more publishers - even the smaller ones - seem to hold it as a requirement when it comes to requesting ARCs, which I've begun to do. Also, I've been blogging for two year and a half now, and I feel the need of expanding this little blog I have here. So yeah, I caved in. You can find me happily chirping @offbeatya. And I might even end up having fun, once I get a grip on all the # and @ ;). Speaking of which, if anyone feels like sharing tips and advices about using Twitter the proper way and surviving on there, they're welcome! (Huge thanks to Karen at For What It's Worth for now!).

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I also have some bookish news to share. I managed to get a couple of still unpublished books, The Bad Rescue of Devon Streeter (Riven #1) by B.C. Johnson (review coming soon) and No Worse Sin by Kyla Bennett (review due on April 11). Also, I contacted author Robert Schell via Goodreads, and he sent me a digital copy of his 2014 book The Foster Children of Time (Temporal Affairs #1), whose review will be posted after Devon Streeter's. Huge thanks to these three generous authors for trusting me with their books!

And speaking about authors. Above, I've mentioned my recent delve into the deadly ARC sea. Now, being a small blogger, I didn't expect my requests to be met - but one can try...Either way, if something good came out of this experience - else than maybe getting a couple of unpublished books, I still don't know - that's meeting some kind, helpful and lovely authors who are trying their best to help me grab a free copy of their books! Special mentions go to Francesca Zappia (Made You Up), who showed real care, and the lovely Stacy Stokes (Where the Staircase Ends), who's backing me every step of the way in my quest for a review copy of her novel from Month9Books.

So, that's what has been going on these latest days. I sincerely hope this didn't come across as the kind of post where one boasts about the books one's gotten. I just meant to recap, introduce some great novels and publicly reward some awesome authors :). Watch out for my next reviews...and in the meantime...see you on Twitter! :)


  1. I just made a Twitter account for my blog this week! I am trying to get the hang of it, but the other bloggers that I have found are extremely nice. I hope you have the same. Learning to navigate Twitter is going to be difficult but I think we both can figure it out.
    Good luck!
    Tessa @Crazy for YA
    P.S. You can find me at @Crazyfor_YA on Twitter.

    1. Thank you! I still feel a bit goofy, but all in all, it's better than I thought. And yes, luckily, there are helpful friends along the way!
      *goes to follow*

  2. I'm glad you took the plunge! Hopefully it will be fun and drama free :-)))

    Karen @For What It's Worth


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