September 01, 2014

I Swear, I'm Not Procrastinating (A.K.A. A Legitimate Introductory Post - A.K.A. The 100th Post!)

Yeah. September is here already. I promised a comeback post for the beginning of the month. So, since this isn't it, I can see my...uh...three or four readers raise an eyebrow. Very, very high.

"You ARE procrastinating, girl."

But no, I'm not making excuses and deserting my blog for another month - just because, well, it's still summer, isn't it? And I'm not writing a filler post. I HATE filler posts. I just mean to let you know that the first installment of my new feature called "Screen Time" will be up on Monday 15, and it's going to be - like my friend Kate from Midnight Book Girl would say - "the Finnegan's Wake" of posts. So, prepare to scroll and scroll, down and down, and wonder if you've stumbled on a bottomless post...Also, I decided to start my feature paying a tribute of love to the series I grew up with and I still cherish more than any other (that accounts for the post being so friggingly LONG)...Fame. Which means the '80s. Some of you probably weren't even around at the time, but I hope you'll be curious enough to read my post - or maybe you have seen Fame in reruns, so you're not so clueless. Right?

I don't understand that reference."

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Anyway, forgive me if you can ;). I assure you that the upcoming installment of my feature will take you back to the present again - actually, it will be about a current series, which is likely to end in 2015, but has two different finales planned ahead just in case...Who guessed? Feel free to toss some titles down in the comment section!
I haven't decided yet if "Screen Time" is going to be a monthly or bimonthly feature, since it involves a ton of research (yes, I've seen the shows, maybe more than once...but I can't possibly remember everything that occurred on them, and I need pics, links and all sort of references). Bimonthly, I guess. It really amounts to a ton of work.

To tell the truth, I meant to post my first "Screen Time" a week earlier, but I have been offered a book to review...and, since it sounds like something I might like, I accepted. All I can say for now is that it's a re-release, in a new and improved version (and with a different ending), of a book first published in 2009. Its new appearance in print is scheduled for Sep. 5, and I should be able to post my review around that day or a couple of days later...if I receive the PDF in time, that is. Because apparently it's not ready yet. Anyway, my planned review for How to Say Goodbye in Robot will have to wait, I guess. Also, I hope to be able to spotlight another new book release soon. Well, technically, this book isn't new either, since it came out in 2012 - and I loved it. (Afterlife book, it goes without saying. Or was it? Because, was and it wasn't. I'm so cryptic *insert evil grin here*). But after some misfortunes in the publishing department (it sucks when you put your first book forth and the press goes out of business shortly afterwards - doesn't it?), the book in question found a new home and is ready to win more fans over...not to mention, getting a sequel. So, I'm basically preparing to fangirl about it...again. Wait, I don't fangirl? Oh, shucks.

Me? Like this? You must be nuts. Too much sweating involved.

A small piece of bookish news, too. I'm sure that many of you know this already, but I thought I'd share all the same, for those who don't. The announced sequel to one of the YA literary cases of 2013, All Our Yesterdays (my review here) has been cancelled. Apparently, Cristin Terrill decided she couldn't produce a second installment that would equal the first one. I applaud her decision - it was honest, not to mention gutsy. For those who liked A. O. Y., though, this is not the the new companion short story here.

Plus, a completely unrelated question - have you noticed my new avatar?

No, don't get excited now. She's prettier than me ;).

I finally decided I needed to reveal a bit more of myself...besides, I was kind of fed up with my old profile image...Well, to be completely honest, the fact is that I found myself randomly surfing the net one day, trying all the available cartoonise-yourself/doll-yourself free sites (not so many, to tell the truth) just out of curiosity. And I was frustrated with their lack of options for things that really matter (like hair), or their habit of over-simplifying the design. One of the sites I tried was Face Your Manga, and I got something that came closer to what I look like...but still not close enough. So I imported my image into the wonderful free program Photofiltre, made A LOT of little voilà. Much, much better. Sorry for not smiling, but I couldn't find the right smile in the F.Y.M. database, or design one. So, that's me (approximately) when I don't smile. You'll have to live with that ;).

Last, but not least, this was my 100th post!

Here's to many more!
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So, see you next week, my exquisite beauties!

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  1. I'm on hiatus right now too :)

  2. Congratulations on your 100th post!!! I am waiting for your feature. :D Super Amazing!!!!

  3. My mind is blown. I thought the sequel was already written! Wow.

    Also, love the new avatar! And yes, I remember Fame- mostly the movie, though. However, my formative years were spent watching Saved By the Bell and 21 Jump Street. I'm pretty sure I went through puberty the second I saw Johnny Depp on screen.

    Love the idea for screen time! I'm taking part in R.I.P. IX this month and next, and part of the challenge is to watch movies or shows that fit the horror/thriller/scary genre. I watched movies all day yesterday (so lazy, and I suspect I'll be lazy today too!). But I did find a new website to keep track of movies- it's called Letterboxd. I'm having fun making lists and notes on movies!

    There, did I just make the Finnegan's Wake of comments or what? ;)

    1. Almost LOL.

      Hehe, I hear you about Johnny Depp, though I've never had the chance to see that series. Yes, it was aired in Italy, but for some reasons it dropped off my radar. But I have to say the mature version of JD looks far more interesting ;P.

      Movies all day? O_O Are you still sane? LOL. I sometimes watch maratones of TV series ( be precise...of Law & Order reruns) and my mind tends to be scrambled after that. I can't even imagine what it's like to watch horror movies all day. Of course, you are in heaven when doing so, and won't risk having nightmares after that, like the experienced horror addict that you are ;).

      It sounds like Letterboxd is the equivalent of Goodreads for movies. I hope they do something like that for TV series too... *salivates*

  4. Congrats on post 100!

    I had a cartoonish avi done for another blog I was co-author on years ago and I have to say it was way cuter than I am in real life lol

    I haven't read All Our Yesterdays but I'm with you. I would rather authors just leave it at whatever many books it takes to tell the story. No filler. And a companion story seems like a nice compromise for fans.

    Oh and welcome back!

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  5. Things are a bit slow on my blog at the moment (I don't like filler posts either), but I am trying to get back into the swing of things... we will see what happens...

    But enough of my not so exciting blogging life, 100 posts - that's awesome! Congrats!!

    (Love the new avatar, btw :)

    1. I have noticed that on your blog...but hey, we're totally entitled to take hiatuses or post when we feel like/have the time/have something to say! Anyway, I'm sure you'll go back to produce more awesome content soon :).

      And thanks!


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