February 01, 2014

What's New: "Deadgirl" Gets a New Chance at Life + Sequel

I guess you may have gotten the message by now, though I, oh, so subtly weaved it into my posts. Yes, I'm addicted to Dead Girl Books. Or better - to Afterlife Novels, which happen to be about dead girls 99% of the times. You may also have vaguely heard me mention a book called, indeed, Deadgirl, by B.C. Johnson.

Finally, you may have picked up my casual remarks about it waiting for a reissue and its sequel being in the making. Because it's not like I laid much emphasis on the subject. I just about...
  1. reviewed Deadgirl back in May;
  2. spotlighted a future reissue of the book + sequel in the same month, after chatting up [in a completely innocent and professional manner, I swear] the author on Goodreads;
  3. expressed my longing for said reissue + sequel in a round of Parajunkee's "Book Blogger New Year's Challenge" ("The Books of 2014 You Won't Miss") nearly a month ago;
  4. warmly mentioned the book again in the latest installment of my feature "A Reader's Quirks" ("You, Irresistible Afterlife Novel") a few days ago. (Later note: I revised the mentioned post. Here's the new link).
Really, I have showed such self-restraint on the matter. I would be surprised if you noticed me mentioning it at all.

Now, I'm so sorry, but I have to drop another little hint about it. Because B.C. Johnson graciously contacted me on Goodreads to let me know that Curiosity Quills Press picked up Deadgirl for a reissue, and even optioned the sequel. He explained it's going to take some time for it to come out again, because of such, you know, flimsy details as re-editing, marketing, cover art, etc. But finally Deadgirl is going to get resurrected :). And to tackle new challenges. So I advise you already...you don't want to miss her comeback.

And no, B.C. Johnson (the guy in the pic below) hasn't bribed me in order to promote his books...yet ;P.

    He only offered me a beer.

    Stay tuned for more info about the Deadgirl re-release and sequel...because she's worth it.

    Till next time...


      1. I usually enjoy afterlife books too! I will check this one out, because that it was one cool author pic! ;) And I think that when you find a book you love that it's perfectly okay to declare your love over and over again (I mention Odd Thomas a lot, in posts and in everyday conversations).

        1. LOL, the pic is definitely cool. And B.C. Johnson is indeed fun to talk to. I think the pic suits him a lot ;).
          Don't worry, I won't let you forget this book. I will haunt you (see the pun?) and everyone else I know, and corner all of you till you agree to read it :P.

      2. Interesting. Have you read Touching the Surface or Level 2? (To name to recent afterlife novels . . . )

        1. I read and reviewed Touching the Surface last year (review here)...as for Level 2, I was on the fence for a while, but in the end I decided not to read it, mainly because some reviewers lamented it was a bit heavy in the church/religion department. So I thought I wouldn't be able to relate to that.


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