January 11, 2014

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge Day 11: TBR Shelf: How Many?

Hi everyone...and a happy, book-filled new year!
I decided to start 2014 doing something completely new to me, blog-wise - that is, joining a challenge. This one is hosted by Parajunkee. And what I like about it is, it deals with blogging and bloggers, not with a mere list of books to read as fast as possible.
And here is her introduction to the challenge...

Hey everyone, it is that time of year again. The time when we get all excited for a NEW YEAR, plan our goals, set our resolutions and just straight-up get motivated. Guess what? I’m here to help you get a little more motivated about your blogging, with 14 writing posts for the New Year.

The Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge will begin on January 1st and run 14 days. It is going to be fun, it is going to be easy and hopefully it will get you motivated in 2014.  Each day I will post my own prompts and at the bottom I will add a linky so you can add your own posts. Here are the topics:


January 11 Question: TBR shelf: how many?

(Oops, I skipped the latest 3 days of this challenge. Did anyone miss me? I don't think so...LOL).
I have a really small TBR pile, at least compared with the ones I see around. To date, there are 64 books on it that I do mean to read, and 47 I'm not so sure about. For a grand total of 111 books (neat number, isn't it?). They range from oldies (80s' and such) to 2017 releases (did I mention I love time travel?). The genre spectrum varies a lot too - from a few contemporaries to the vast amount of weird ones (sci-fi, horror, supernatural, you name it). I even keep a list of them all - with release dates etc. - on an Office Calc document, which helps me pick the ones I am more interested in first. How nerdy.
Of course, lots of Pike books in my list (yes Kate, I'm nodding at you). But I'll have to wait for most of them to be re-released, since I don't have a credit card - which rules out Amazon and the like. *sighs*
I very rarely erase a book from my TBR list. It did happen a couple of times though, after I perused the nth review - because I'm always refining my list that way (you know, since I have to actually buy my books). The Not-Sure list is where promising books are kept until a certain review - or a sneak-peek at the actual text - makes the scale droop one way or the other.

So how high is you TBR pile? can you see the top of it? ;)


  1. Fortunately when I first discovered Pike he was just really starting out, and I was able to get most of his books at the library. And while my dad was not one to let me spend money at the mall on clothes or shoes, or really anything that tween girls usually beg money for, he and my mom always let me buy books. It's a habit I've yet to break, but I really don't buy quite as many as I once did. A lot of the tbr books I own are ones from BEA, or book signings (okay, they cost money) or library sales (for some that have been on there a long time).

    Who am I trying to kid, I have a problem!

    Pike's books do seem to be slowly but surely getting re-released. My favorite books, the Final Friends series, got re-released recently as Until the End, all in one book. Hopefully the rest will come soon to a store near you!

    1. I've always been a voracious reader myself...and most of the times, I got books for Christmases and birthdays.

      Yeees, I did buy FF (now UTD) of course. (I managed to order it from a webseller...the same I buy all my books in English from...C.O.D.). Along with all the new re-releases. But I don't know if books like The Tachyon Web or The Eternal Enemy will ever see the light of day again. In the meantime, I think I've spoilered myself about each and every one of them LOL - but I still want to read them...especially Enemy and The Starlight Crystal!!!

  2. Oh, I keep lists too. Don't we all? I have a spreadsheet of review books. An another of books I want to read "someday." I also have printed out covers and blurbs of all the books on my Kindle. Otherwise I forget what is there, so when I want something to read, I can page through the pictures, just like looking through a shelf of books. Thanks for visiting!

    1. Sounds like a more advanced version of my own list. Of course, you are a librarian, so I guess it comes with the job ;).
      Thank you for visiting back!

  3. Hey Girl,
    Yes of course, we missed you :)
    You are so organized. I am feeling soooo jealous! Just kidding!
    Personally, I started writing TBR lists last year, when I opened my book blog. Until then I never needed them. I guess I just loved books, every genre and author. I used to read what I could get. Now I have become picky when it comes to books. That’s because I have developed my own personal taste.
    Well anyways, hope you have a wonderful time!

    1. Picky girl here too!
      And my TBR list is quite recent as well. I didn't even know there were so many books I needed to read before I joined Goodreads O_o.

  4. I tried to keep a spreadsheet on my books, then fell behind and never caught back up. That's one of the big projects I have on my To-Do list. I'm afraid to count my physical TBR piles, much less my wishlist books! And my nook books are another number I'm afraid to learn, as I've gone a little crazy with free downloads over the years. This was a scary challenge today! *L*

    1. Yeah, I can imagine how easy it is to lose control when you are offered free downloads :). Then, because they're not physical books, it's even easier to lose sight of them!

  5. I used to love Christopher Pike. I only own a handful of his books now. Just the Remember Me trilogy and his Last Vampire series (which is now the Thirst series).

    Just keep an eye out at thrift stores. I've been seeing quite a few Christopher Pike and RL Stine books there.

    1. Remember Me (book 1) and TLV are among his most popular works, and probably represent him at his best...I actually discovered him via RM. Too bad I'm in Italy, and thrift stores are not an option (only a few of his book have been translated in Italian, and anyway, I decided to read the originals, so it's not like I can find them here). But I still have hope for the releases!

    2. He has a Facebook page that he's active on if you're interested. I pop in every couple of weeks. He offered signed copies of Witch World a few months ago if you shipped it to him, but I didn't like the book enough to do it. Shipping is expensive, though I guess no where near as expensive as yours would have been. :(


      My hubby is full blooded Sicilian, and he speaks Italian but not fluently. I can't remember what dialect he speaks, but I know it isn't the one spoken on the main part of Italy.

    3. Yes, I knew of his FB page, but thank you for pointing it out to me :). I can't even process the fact that he decided to go social LOL.
      Cool, a Sicilian hubby. Was he actually born in Italy? Of course, I assume he speaks his native dialect, which is very peculiar. I was born (and live) in Tuscany, where the dialect sounds the most similar to Italian, but it's still a bit different. Truth to tell, every region has its own dialect, and they're often completely unrelated to one another!

  6. You are much more organized then I am and no I can't really see the top of my TBR pile because they're all over the place. :)

    1. Hehe, I did notice that!
      It's easy to be organized when you don't have all those books around. Yes, I'm a bit of a control freak, but I doubt I could ever keep a list if I had as many books as you have or plan on reading!

  7. I missed 3 days too (if you include today!) I'm just sneakily posting all of my posts with the correct date anyway though haha!

    I love reading older books (I love 90s and early 00s YA!) so a few on my list are also older books. :)

    Good luck with your reading list!

    - Farhana @ Digesting The Words

    1. I did notice you weren't around, but I won't tell anyone, I swear ;).

      Older books often need to be (re)discovered as well...it's not fair that they get pushed aside for the new, shiny ones!

      Thanks, you too!


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