December 01, 2013

This Blog Is Alive

So, just in case you are wondering...I'm still here. I know, I know - 20 days without a single post are not exactly a testament to this. Okay, I don't believe in posting every single day just for the sake of it...and I absolutely loathe filler posts. You may even have noticed that my best streak so far has been a fat total of 6 posts in latest January...But usually it's an average number of 4 articles a month, which roughly means posting once a week. November was a conspicuous exception to this unwritten rule, of course. My most recent post is ancient history, even for my standards.
I have not lost interest in blogging, not to mention in books. I'm trying to crawl my way out of a blogging slump, though I'm not sure what's the reason behind it. I'm actually planning my next reviews/posts as I'm writing this. The year's got to go with a bang ;).

"Heck, no, of course I'm not sleeping - just conjuring my new posts up."
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