May 11, 2013

Spotlight: Waiting for "Deadgirl"...Puck's Background

Hi everyone...and sorry for the delay. The promised Puck's Very Own Chapter should have been posted yesterday, but due to some technical difficulties, Mr. Johnson wasn't able to put it online...consequentially, I had nothing to link to on that date. Well, anyway, here we are now. If you read my Deadgirl review, I'm sure you've been left wanting more of Lucy's world, while waiting for the book to be reprinted (but still, I strongly encourage you to hunt for remainder copies of the first print!). I dropped the name "Puck" in the aforementioned review...and just in case you're wondering...

Puck, Jecca Koch, SciFi Fantasy Art

he's not this one -------------------->

Hockey puck

<--------------------- or this one
Noah "Puck" Puckerman (Glee)

or this one -------------------->, definitely not one of these.

So, who is Puck? From Deadgirl, Chapter Seven:

"His face reminded me of my Grandpa, long and narrow and creased with wrinkles, but he had round boyish eyes. His hair, shaggy for an old guy, hung around his ears. [...] He looked a well-kept sixty-or-seventy years old, but he moved like a little boy.
An old-style brown tweed suit clung to him, and it looked well-tailored if a little worn. Instead of a tie, a bright red scarf wrapped his neck and hung lazily across one shoulder."

This is Puck when Lucy first meets him in the Grey. He will end up being her unlikely savior in more than a way. His background story barely fills nine pages - the whole of Chapter Sixteen - but it was much longer originally. Hear (so to speak) B.C. Johnson himself talking about that here, and stating the reasons why said story was cut shorter. And if you are hungry for more, read the whole Puck, Revisited chapter here.

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