March 04, 2013

Having to Decline Awards

I would like to thank Summer Khaleq, who nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award...(check out her blog here)...but because I'm such a goof, I've never made it clear that this blog was supposed to be award-free. I guess I'd never have expected to be nominated for anything, because I've only been blogging for a fairly short time. Anyway, the problem is, it's difficult for me to keep the blog running as it is, what with my primary job and the secondary one...what's it called...oh yeah, housekeeping ;D. As for the award thing, I like to give thoughtful answers to the questions, just in case someone is actually interested in what I have to say LOL. The naked truth is, I don't have the time to keep up with awards and such. That's why I'm only participating in one single meme, aside from usually producing only three or four reviews a month. So, I apologize for not opting out of awards before, but I'm doing it now. Again, thanks to Summer for nominating me, and don't forget to check out her blog!

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