January 05, 2013

I Can't Wait...Any Longer!

Hi fellow readers and reviewers!
Since I'm in Italy (as you already know) and I don't own a credit card (as you weren't supposed to know before I told you), I can't rely on sites like Amazon or eBay in order to have my not-Italian books shipped. So I buy them on these Italian sites that have a foreign-books section and a cash-on-delivery policy. Sometimes this causes a delay in the delivery itself...just like now. I placed an order for 12 books on Dec. 19...and 5 of them are still being tracked down. Frustrating, you may believe me. Below, the books I'm eagerly waiting for, with the blog Rooms I will put them in; everyone of them is linked to its respective Goodreads page.

...new(ish) books...

Mike Lancaster: 0.4 (a.k.a. Human.4) and 1.4 *Sci_Fi
B. C. Johnson: Deadgirl *Afterlife
Sangu Mandanna: The Lost Girl *Sci-Fi

...more new(ish) books...

Adrienne Stoltz & Ron Bass: Lucid *Multiverse (??? Not sure here. Will decide after reading)
Kimberly Sabatini: Touching the Surface *Afterlife
Jeri Smith-Ready: Lust for Life *Adult
Christopher Pike: Witch World *Christopher Pike

...older books...

Christopher Pike: Monster, The Immortal and The Wicked Heart *Christopher Pike
Jutta Goetze: Luna-C *Contemporary

I'm particularly excited about:

Deadgirl: it got the best ratings of them all on Goodreads (apart from Luna-C, but that one has only received 1 rating so far!). Also, I'm a sucker for dead/undead girl stories!

The Lost Girl: this one sounds like a real good dystopian, with an unheard-of premise.

Lucid: I just can't place this one. Makes me crave to tear apart the veil of mystery that surrounds this story. What did really happen? Is it paranormal, contemporary-with-a-twist, or what? I've bravely resisted the spoilers so far. Hope to make it till the darn book is shipped.

Touching the Surface: another great-sounding new twist on an established standard.

Lust for Life: end of series!

Witch World: according to Goodreads reviewers, it's a love-it-or-hate-it book. As you know, I'm a fan of Christopher Pike, but this didn't prevent me from being disappointed in some of his books before. Anyway, I love the alternate-universes premise already. I'm a sucker for them too!

As for Monster, I read it in Italian, and pretty much hated it - but I do want to give it a second chance. Maybe it will sound better in English, and I will be able to raise my rating to 1.5 stars LOL. I'm such a masochist ;D.


Edit - Feb 7 

*grunts* My webseller won't be able to send me Monster, The Immortal and The Wicked Heart. Someone definitely needs to reprint all those old Pike books. * storms off enraged*


  1. A lot of books I have to say...wow. I never read The Wicked Heart. Will be looking forward to your review about it :)

    1. A lot of books, indeed ;). The fact is, I usually place a couple of orders - maybe three - a year for a stack of books, what with being in Italy and all the things stated above...Problem is, I sometimes have to wait for weeks before they are shipped - and that's precisely the case right now. *sighs*
      Well, anyway...I saw you've been rather busy with new books too, lately ;). Oh we hard-core readers!
      I read some mixed reviews about The Wicked Heart, so I'm rather curious about my reaction to it myself ;D.


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