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One of my fascinations, when it comes to fiction (and TV series), is the alternate universe theory. (That and time travel - though I didn't set up a page for the latter, because it looks like this particular theme is often embedded in Sci-Fi - or Multiverse itself). On the other hand, I regularly find myself wondering what becomes of the original person living in the alternate reality when her/his counterpart comes to visit. It isn't usually accounted for, is it? Anyway, this partly explains why - though I'm (moderately) obsessed with the subject - you'll find some of my lowest ratings in this section. Most of these books seem to suffer from a serious lack of closure, or "logical" construction. Yes, I need some logic even here in no man's land. Just some solid ground, you know? Oh, never mind LOL.
Here is my list of Multiverse fiction. As usual, bold indicates the books I plan to read. All the books are listed by authors' surnames. Reviews (and more titles) coming in time.

Hill, A.W & Nathanael: The Switch (08/17)
Garcia, Holly Rae: Parachute (05/22)
Jacobs, Deborah Lynn: Choices (09/07)
Kellerman, Faye & Aliza: Prism (06/09)
Siddiq, Imran: Tyler Nitbone (11/13)
Taylor, Greg: The Girl Who Became a Beatle (02/11)


Also - I listed the books below in the Unwalled Room, because they tackle a wide spectrum of genres (from metafiction to horror), but since they heavily rely on multiverse, I'm putting them here as well...and mind you, these two are gems!

   White Space & The Dickens Mirror (02/14 & 03/15) -> [I did a joint review for them]


Again - a book I shelved in the Unwalled Room, but that has A LOT to do with multiverse:

Tyrolin Puxty: Down to Oath (04/18)


A multiverse adult duology that has "plenty of YA crossover appeal" (Publishers Weekly):

   Doors of Sleep (01/21)
   Prison of Sleep (04/22)

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